Sorry, Monica and Chandler Fans—Former Friends Co-Stars Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry Are Not Dating

Fellow actors from a 1990s sitcom rumored to be hooking up

By Samantha Schnurr Dec 18, 2015 1:22 PMTags
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Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry may have walked down the aisle on our television screens, but this former Friends couple is not cozying up in real life. 

Reveries of a Chandler/Monica real-life romance clouded nearly everyone's mind after reports sprung up on Thursday alleging the two were "hooking up." However, E! News has learned it really is too good to be true.  

According to a source, the story is simply false. Still, the timing seemed almost too perfect for the faux pair that we couldn't help but wish it into reality. 

Cox had been engaged to Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid for a year after six months of dating, but E! News confirmed on Dec. 1 that the couple had called off their engagement.

Hours after the news broke of the pair's split, the Mother's Day actress stepped out without her diamond sparkler, confirming for any onlookers that the wedding would never happen.

Still, the false report didn't stop fans of the show from totally losing it on social media. 

However, just because these rumors are put to rest doesn't mean our daydreams have to end, too.

We can just imagine Cox taking a note from Monica's book and getting down on one knee to ask for Perry's hand in marriage—as long as her ex McDaid doesn't come running back in. 

Perhaps one day our fantasies may come true—just not today, Chandler and Monica fans. Not today.