The 2015 Miss Universe Pageant is just around the corner, so the contestants are making sure they're 100 percent ready for their big debut.

Even though they've tried on their bikinis and picked their gowns, the contestants still have their fears about what could happen while onstage, and a few of them shared what they're scared of with E! News. Samantha McClung, AKA Miss New Zealand, is naturally scared of what anyone would cringe about.

"I'm only nervous about tripping down the stairs or getting my dress caught," she told us. With all eyes on the contestants, the audience will definitely be on the look out for someone tripping, so it's understandable why McClung would be so worried.

Carla Barber, AKA Miss Spain, knows that she and the other contestants are required to keep their feet in tip top condition given that they're in heels pretty much all the time, so she shared with us her secret to keeping her feet pain-free.

Miss Universe 2015, Bikini

Darren Decker/The Miss Universe Organization

"I have a really warm bath every night and I put my feet [up] because if not I cannot wear high heels every day," she spilled.

As for diet, Miss Nigeria (Debbie Collins) follows a pretty relaxed plan but makes sure she detoxes with beverages, too. "Eat what you want and work it out and drink green tea," she advises. "Drink lots of green tea."

Although many of the contestants revealed they heard that there could be a lot of drama among the women, these contestants agreed that they've been having nothing but fun. In fact, they all said they've made new friends while preparing. Miss Ireland (Joanna Cooper) is actually roommates with Miss Russia, so there's a bit of a language barrier, but they've made it work.

"Her English is quite broken so we've been like using interpretive dancing to try and communicate," Miss Ireland tells us, "but it's been really fun."

To find out more of the contestants' beauty secrets, watch the video! The Miss Universe Pageant will air on Dec. 20 at 7:00 p.m. on Fox.

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