Joel McHale, Mail Nurse

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From Who watches all the shows and finds the funny clips?
Horny, naked girls who hate the Steelers.

From kwinscher: I hope you are sending another one, size large. Thank you.
We’re sending two mediums.

From robertsmithishappy: yop;ylyghfklhghgkjjghbkhb
Sorry, but we don’t have a New Yorker cartoon to attach to this.

From lsoto2kool: is it true that miley is going for playboy when shes 18?
Oh hell yes it’s true!

Joel McHale

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From Erock: I have to Say that i have to be the greatest Joel McHale look alike that has ever sent you an email about look alikes im tellin ya you give me the address to email the Pic to and you will be so amazed you'll think a rainbow just crapped a unicorn in your pants.
Send to Ryan.Seacrest@E! Entertainment St.,

From judy: Its not really a question but a suggestion:]] me and my friends always watch your show blown and we fuking love it:]] were blown right now n its so funny it would be even more funny if u guys had a section for stoners we love u!!!!:]]
We don’t respond to stoners. Just fuking with you!

From shavidlover10: I'm extremely poor and I live on the east coast, but I love your show. Is there any way you could get me in to see the show one day without me having to pay for it? Would it help if I had a terminal, but not contagious, illness?
Even if your disease is not contagious, it’s depressing being around dying people. This is a comedy show, not a hospital.

From webkinzrull: why don't you guys dress up joe in frost the snow man for the next new soup i would.
We’re sending two mediums.

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