Sia Releases "Cheap Thrills" Song, Which Was Originally Meant for Rihanna

The singer has also dropped tracks originally meant for Adele

By Corinne Heller Dec 17, 2015 4:54 PMTags
SiaJohn Shearer/Getty Images

While Rihanna is still keeping fans waiting in anticipation for her new album, Sia is just crushing it with a slew of new releases.

The 39-year-old Australian electropop singer-songwriter dropped her new single, "Cheap Thrills" on Wednesday. It is the fourth track from her upcoming new album This Is Acting. "Cheap Thrills" was originally intended to be recorded by Rihanna. all but one of her tracks were written for other artists.

"Her manager said, 'We want 'Diamonds.' We need soul. We want some music that has feeling.' I went to [producer and songwriter] Greg [Kurstin], and that's what we came up with," Sia told Rolling Stone about Rihanna in an interview published earlier this month. I realized just as soon as I was cutting it that it sounded a little bit too Brit-pop for her. It's more Icona Pop. We did actually send it to her, but they passed on it, and then I just couldn't stop listening to it in the car."

"For some reason, I really liked listening to it, which makes me feel masturbatory, but I wouldn't normally be just jamming out to my own tunes," she continued. "There's something really uplifting about it that put me in a good mood, and I would just pretend it wasn't me singing. It felt very summer and fun, and I was like, 'I'll put that on there.'"

Rihanna is gearing up to release her eighth studio album, Anti, the follow-up to 2012's Unapologetic. The new record contains the tracks "Bitch Better Have My Money" and "American Oxygen," which were released this past spring.

"Cheap Thrills" follows "Alive," which were originally meant to be recorded by Adele, "Bird Set Free," which both Rihanna and Adele rejected, and "One Million Bullets," the only track on Sia's new album that was not originally intended for another artist. Other singers who rejected her songs include Beyoncé and Shakira.

"'One Million Bullets' is my baby," Sia told Rolling Stone. "I had seller's remorse with 'Bird Set Free' every time it went away and then came back. First it went to Rihanna and then it was returned. Then it went to Adele, and Adele cut it and sounded amazing on it. Then it was returned."

Sample lyrics of "Cheap Thrills" include "Baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight (I love cheap thrills...) / Baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight (I love cheap thrills...) / But I don't need no money / As long as I can feel the beat I don't need no money / As long as I keep dancing."

Sia's This Is Acting album is set for release on Jan. 29.

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