Nicole Kidman, Connor Kidman Cruise

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Why is Nicole Kidman only talking about her new baby girl? I mean she has other kids, hasn't she?

She talks about them. Sort of. Here's a quote she gave the Tennessean newspaper last month regarding her older kids, Connor and Isabella: "They are city kids right now, so I'm hoping they'll want to spend more and more time here [in Nashville] as they get older. They are at the stage of being 16 and my son is going to turn 14, so they're like, 'Show us some action.' But they love music as well."

Can you give me any 90210 news to hold me over?

Sure. They're not killing Brenda. Onward!

Rumors are flying that Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke has been fired. Is it true? And why would they do that after the movie made so much money?
—Janie, Mo.

Officially? She couldn't fit the second movie into her schedule. But reports from more believable quarters indicate that the director was "difficult" and "irrational."

Since we're supposed to live in such a politically correct country, how did you get away with using "" as your email address? Without your bosses complaining?
—Chris R.

My boss came up with the name, actually.

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