The boys of One Direction piled into James Corden's SUV for carpool karaoke on The Late Late Show Tuesday. Niall Horan rode shotgun as Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson sat beside one another in the backseat. With Corden at the wheel, the pop quartet got a tour of L.A. and sang their 2011 hit "What Makes You Beautiful." Corden, of course, knew all the lyrics. When the five of them reached a traffic light, Corden noticed a fan driving next to them. "She's been following me for a while, that one," Payne revealed. "I've seen her a couple times now."

"Is it quite scary having people find out where you live?" Corden asked.

"It does get a bit scary when people are close to your house," Tomlinson confessed to the host. "Like, I remember a couple weeks ago I tweeted, 'There's nothing worse than waking up in the morning can you can't have a cup of tea 'cause you've got no milk,' right? Within an hour I looked outside and someone's ringing me bell relentlessly and it's like this 45-year-old woman. She comes to the door and she was like, 'Here's the milk.' I'm like, 'Oh...thanks.'" Corden joked, "I do that all the time, Louis. If I was you I'd just be tweeting constantly, 'Isn't it awful waking up with no lottery scratch cards in the house?' Just leave the postbox open. You never know."

Corden and 1D then sang 2013's "Story of My Life." After working out their harmonies, they decided to sing 2013's "Best Night Ever." When Corden hit a high note, the boys' jaws dropped.

Later on, Corden taught the boys some new dance moves to go with these lyrics: "Waking up beside you, I'm a loaded gun / I can't contain this anymore / I'm all yours / there's no control / No control." To look like boy bands of yesteryear, he had them all wear matching denim shirts. Once they were all properly outfitted, Corden and co. performed 2014's "No Control" together.

Corden couldn't deny their chemistry. "Guys, I don't know about you, but I think you should rethink this hiatus because it feels right to me. Is it just me or does it feel right? Is it just me or does it feel right?" he asked. "I just feel like we've really hit upon something unbelievable."

One Direction, James Corden


Sadly, no one seemed to agree with Corden. As a result, he decided to have some fun with Horan. "Do you know the game 'Sleep With, Marry, Cruise?'" he asked. "One person you've got to go on a cruise for a year, sharing a room. You spend every minute of every day with them, but you do not sleep with them. One of them you marry, and one of them you just sleep with." He was given three options: Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Tina Fey. "That's pretty good," Horan admitted. "Sleep with Tina Fey. Let's marry Gomez and go on a cruise with Demi Lovato."

The carpool karaoke session ended with two songs from the band's 2015 Made in the A.M., "Perfect" and "Drag Me Down." Corden impressed the boys by proving he's a talented rapper.

"I can bring something to the band, guys!" he reminded them.

He certainly can.

The Late Late Show airs weeknights at 12:37 a.m. on CBS.

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