The best way to spread Christmas cheer is...Playing an Elf guessing game with Zooey Deschanel!

It's also, apparently, the best way to be shocked at this mind-blowing revelation: Zooey, who starred in the 2003 movie with Will Ferrell, has only ever seen Elf ONE time. Once! And only because she had to, at the movie's premiere. Jaw. Meet floor. Also...her co-star Jake Johnson (Nick)? He has never ever seen it! Not once! And he makes out with her on TV!

Clearly, Jake was raised by wolves in a joy-hating cult in another dimension, because everyone knows Elf is the best Christmas movie of all time and a Christmas season without Elf is not worth having. (Don't worry, we are sending him a copy.)

As for Zooey?

"It's not like I'm sitting around watching myself," the  new mom explained to me on the New Girl set, adding that she'll probably be watching it many times for many years to come, as her 6-month-old daughter Elsie Otter gets older. (OK, free pass on that one since that's a pretty cute visual.)

So now that you know who doesn't know Elf, guess who is a surprisingly legit Elf expert? We asked Zooey to play "Who Knows Elf Best?" against guest star Megan Fox and New Girl co-stars Hannah Simone, Max Greenfield and Lamorne Morris and the winner sure surprised us!

Press play above to find out who won—and who was hilariously awful!

And make sure to tune in for New Girl's fifth season on Jan. 5. 

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