And yet again, Miley Cyrus is just being Miley.

The wild singer released her third music video for songs off her latest album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz on MTV Friday night, and it created the usual response from her work—a bit of confusion mixed with entertainment. The music video for "BB Talk" shows Miley posing and acting as a big baby while cursing and talking about different lovers, which is a bit weird to experience.

This time, Cyrus trades in her recreational props for a pacifier and a curly blond wig with a bright pink bow giving us some weird déjà vu of her Hannah Montana days. The singer pouts like a child as she sings her lyrics about the complications of lost love in an artistic video few of her fans can quite understand.

She goes from the crib to a bubble bath to dancing around with a pacifier while saying things like, "I don't know what the f--k I want." Classic, Miley.

The former Disney star surprised fans with the drop of her first video off the album for "Dooo It!" after she hosted the VMAs in August. Just a few months later Cyrus premiered her psychedelic video for "Lighter" in which the 23-year-old sings naked a midst colorful lights with a joint in hand.

The past two videos were nothing short of controversial, showing Miley has come quite a long way since her wholesome country roots.

The singer had fans anticipating her latest video after releasing a 10 second promotional teaser on MTV earlier this week and just as expected, she did not fail to leave the people talking.  

PHOTO: The many versions of Miley Cyrus

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