Keri Russell

John Shearer/

Keri Russell appeared extremely exhausted while checking into posh celeb hang Chateau Marmont on a recent night. K.R., who's been making a splash with her strangely erotic (and eerie) bathtub pics in Details, was accosted by a drunk Aussie in the lobby.

Jeez, that's where borderline kink gets ya, every time, it seems. Just the same, the heavily lubricated dude kept calling the babe Felicity, ouch. Ker-hon looked all sorts of embarrassed by the loud encounter, exclaiming, "I just want to book into my room!" Poor gal. If you want privacy, next time book one of those less-glam jobs further down on Sunset.

In a much, much more jovial mood were...

Terry Serpico and Sterling Brown, quite clearly enjoying themselves at a burlesque show at Corio in New Yawk. The Army Wives stars, slugging back vodka and sodas, weren't afraid to get down and dirty while dancing to '70s tunes, with both their spouses getting in on the fun. Nice to see men not afraid of looking like idiots in public, even fabber to see their wives getting in on the action.

Think Posh and Katie would ever let David and Tom enjoy some naughty fun in front of them?

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