Kris Jenner Drops a Baby Bombshell: ''If I Am Pregnant, I Don’t Know What I Would Do!''

Kardashian matriarch freaks out over the possibility she could have another child in an exclusive Keeping Up With the Kardashians sneak peek

By Gabi Duncan Dec 13, 2015 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Can 60-Year-Old Kris Jenner Get Pregnant?

Does the Kardashian family have another baby on the way?

In an exclusive clip from tonight's all-new Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode, Kris Jenner visits Kourtney Kardashian after a lunch date with her girlfriends to have a serious conversation about whether she could be pregnant with her seventh child!

"I just went to lunch…and I pulled out these tampons and they were all flabbergasted," Kris tells her daughter.

Kris then recounts how she explained that she was on her period because of her estrogen cream, but her friend scares her when she asks if she's on birth control.

"Why in the world at 60 years old would I be on birth control?!" she asks. "And she said, 'Because you can still get pregnant.'" Yikes!

"I don't think I could get pregnant," Kris says. "If I am pregnant, I don't know what I would do!"

"Just call your doctor," Kourtney advises.

Kris immediately gives Dr. Paul Crane a ring on the phone to find out if she could be expecting. Watch the clip above to hear his response!

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