Charlie Sheen, Brett Rossi, Twitter


In the most recent stage of his public battle with his HIV-diagnosis, Charlie Sheen is making new claims against his ex-fiance Brett Rossi, saying that she was fully aware of his life-threatening diagnosis and opted to have unprotected sex with him anyway. 

The Two and a Half Men actor's former girlfriend filed a lawsuit against him alleging he was guilty of assault and battery, emotional distress, false imprisonment, and negligence. The 26-year-old porn star, who was engaged to Sheen in February 2014 before he broke it off eight months later, claimed the actor failed to notify her of his HIV-positive diagnosis.

Sheen is fighting back at his former lover, saying that her claims are a "complete fabrication," adding that the adult film star was well aware he had contracted the virus and continued to have sex with him willingly.

In court documents obtained by E! News, the actor's legal counsel describes how Rossi failed "to mention that she was the one who insisted upon having unprotected sex with Sheen ‘like a normal couple.'"

Charlie Sheen, Brett Rossi, Twitter


She "claimed she was a nurse and was seeing doctors who provided her with anti-HIV medication," his lawyer wrote. She "insisted she be prescribed the same medications that Sheen was taking so they could engage in unprotected sex without the risk of Sheen transmitting HIV to her."

The documents continue to rebut the allegations against Sheen claiming he "threatened to kill her or force her to have an abortion," saying that both "never" happened. The papers also describe, instead, how Rossi said she had been taking birth control pills throughout the course of their relationship. 

Sheen identified an alternate reason for his ex's newfound accusations—"revenge for breaking off the engagement and cutting her off financially." 

After receiving "over $500,000 in gifts, private jet travel and other benefits from Sheen," the actor subsequently called it quits after Rossi allegedly grew violent and abusive towards him, on at least three occasions drunkenly, when she didn't get what she wanted—the complete opposite of her initial charges against him. 

His attorney argued Rossi is truly the one at fault as she "attempted to extort millions of dollars by disclosing Sheen's medical condition" although she had signed a nondisclosure agreement and later confidential settlement agreement.

Despite signing a "settlement preventing her from disclosing any confidential information," a video of her claiming on-camera that Sheen had exposed her to HIV for a year and a half popped up online, thereby breaking their legal consensus and outing his then-secret diagnosis.

This saga falls on the heels of Sheen's public confirmation on live television in mid-November that he is HIV-positive. 

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