The Leftovers Just Ended A Perfect Season 2 With Enough WTF to Last Us A Whole Year

HBO's most insane drama ended season two with a bit of a bang and a whole lot of chaos

By Lauren Piester Dec 07, 2015 4:54 AMTags
The LeftoversHBO

What do you get when you combine a karaoke wheel, a fake bomb, and Justin Theroux's butt? 

We are genuinely not sure what the answer is, other than a good time and a whole lot to think about. 

Season two of The Leftovers concluded tonight, and just like usual, it made both no sense and all the sense in the world. 

While last week made it seem like we'd get a big explosion thanks to Meg (Liv Tyler) and her explosives, there was no explosion in tonight's episode. Instead, Meg managed to create enough chaos that allowed the Guilty Remnant to make their way into Jarden to turn the town to shambles. 

In the meantime, things didn't go so badly for everyone we know and love. Jill is slowly rebuilding a relationship with her mother, Mary woke up and learned from a thrilled Matt that she was pregnant, and even John ended up rejoining his family and makeshift family there at the end. 

While Erika and John didn't quite get the reunion they wanted with their daughter, since the chainsmoking GR member could barely look at them as they hugged her. They did, however, sort of reconnect with each other by the end of the night, and John struck up a friendship with Kevin after he shot and killed him. 


You heard that right: Kevin died for the second time this season, and once again returned to the same purgatory hotel he ended up in when he died two weeks ago in what might have been our favorite episode of TV ever. 

After emerging from the bathtub with a glorious, "motherf--ker" that echoed our own thoughts about him dying for a second time, he put on his Mapleton police chief uniform and was goaded into singing karaoke, because this is The Leftovers and anything could happen at literally any time. 

His rendition of Simon & Garfunkel's "Homeward Bound" was not the greatest, but somehow that fact made it all the more apt. Kevin did finally make it back home by the end of the episode, and discovered literally his entire family there waiting for him, including both Laurie and Tom, giving season two a weirdly happy conclusion, despite the fact that Jarden is now overrun with the GR. 

With this show, there are episodes that make sense to us and episodes that don't, but there are no episodes that aren't at least a little bit stirring. This show sometimes feels like those dreams we have when we wake up once in the morning then go back to sleep: Everything makes some sort of sense while you're in it, but when you wake up, all you've got left is the feeling that something completely insane yet totally significant just happened to you. 

We hope those dreams continue for another season, so get on that, HBO! 

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