Kate Bosworth

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There's no red carpet-worthy hairstyle so simple, so classic yet so intimidating to wear than the center part. Unless you have a somewhat symmetrical, heart-shaped face like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or a head full of healthy hair like Chrissy Teigen, going straight down the middle can sometimes leave your locks looking limp—or your face seemingly swollen.

So how do celebs with all different features make this hairstyle work? It's all about working with what you were born with, according to celeb hairstylist Marc Mena.

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For Fine Hair: Celebs with fine hair, like Kate Bosworth, often manage sleek center-parted updos without much fuss (read: strands aren't completely stuck to the scalp). It may not look like it, but product and combing skills are necessary to achieve this streamlined style.ft;">"When you have fine hair and you want to achieve a sleek look without it being flat and lifeless, tease the root first and then spray a texture spray at the root, which gives it a little lift," said Marc. "Then brush it out with a paddle brush and finish creating your look."

Chrissy Teigen

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For Rounder Faces: "When you have a round face, it's best to keep a little bit of hair surrounding the face to create a more angular shape," advised Marc. "Chrissy created a more drape-y effect with her bangs, and that helped take some of the [curvature] out of her face." Also, the more volume you create, the more it will balance out your face.


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For Fringe Fans: "Creating a center part for bangs is the easiest to pull off because you have more to play with," noted the hairstylist. "You can keep a heavy bang across the face or you can also part them in the middle creating that draping effect as well." Whatever your features, the fringe helps to frame the face while the center part anchors the entire look, bringing a certain symmetry.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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For Larger Foreheads: Celebs from the Kardashians to models like Rosie love this look—but it can work for anyone! Opting for a center part, rather than slicking back all your hair (watch a full tutorial here!), minimizes the forehead area and creates the illusion of a perfect hairline around the face.

The trick to this look, however, includes a strong beauty game. "It's very versatile—it works on every face shape, as long as you have the right makeup," said Marc. "You're featuring your face front and center, so a strong eye or a strong lip with some contouring is a way to pull it off. For example, if this was on someone with a round face, there will be more contouring to create more angles."

Karlie Kloss

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For Obvious Roots: Haven't been able to touch up those roots? This hairstyle is for you. "Showing the root has been in for many seasons and it makes the look more modern," said the pro. "One of the top rules in fashion is less is more—Karlie Kloss is wearing a dress that is very detailed and beaded so by keeping her hair very casual, it makes the look effortless, and I think that is what women try to achieve." Just create a few bends in the hair to create dimension, and you're red-carpet ready.

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