Justin Theroux Almost Died During His Honeymoon With Jennifer Aniston—Here's the Harrowing Tale

The Leftovers actor reveals to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan

By Samantha Schnurr Dec 04, 2015 5:15 PMTags

Well, that was close!

While in the throes of wedded bliss, The Leftovers' Justin Theroux revealed he suffered a sudden brush with death during his six-figure honeymoon in Bora Bora with his new wife Jennifer Aniston and a group of their closest friends. Talk about a buzzkill. 

During an appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael, the 44-year-old star described how he underwent some training and went scuba diving on one of the days of his vacation. 

After venturing down ten feet and seeing "the pretty fish" and coral, Theroux decided he wanted to have a second go at it, so the following day he brought some of the group of friends traveling with him out on a boat. 

However, they were joined by a different scuba instructor from the one they hired the previous day. Unfortunately, the man spoke little English and there was an extreme language barrier. This sounds hilariously similar to a scene in Aniston's hit romantic comedy, Along Came Polly, but scarily, the outing did not end with any laughs. 

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After diving significantly deep, the dark-haired hunk noticed his oxygen tank was in the red and was about to run out. 

While using the designated hand signals to return to the surface, the instructor seemingly ignored his request and asked him to continue with the group. Theroux tried to relax and enjoy the scenery, but after a second look at the tank, he realized his oxygen supply was nearly empty and he was facing severe danger. 

Finally, after approaching the instructor a second time, the man realized the severity of the situation and quickly attached the star to his emergency respirator, causing water to pour into his mouth. 

"Why are we doing an emergency when Earth is right there?," Theroux said of the decision.

Aniston's new hubby later learned the instructor didn't want to bring the group back to the surface as they had traveled far from the boat and it would have been too difficult to swim back at that level. 

Thankfully, Theroux survived and returned home to share the harrowing tale. 

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