Reese's Peanut Butter Trees

You all remember our investigative piece on the state of those sadly shaped Reese's Christmas trees. Customers were giving the chocolate company a morsel of their mind on Twitter recently when they noticed their "trees" weren't looking like trees at all. Some resembled what you might see in your toilet bowl prompting Reese's to comment on the matter. The company posted the following tweet to their page today, encouraging frazzled customers to look beyond their appearance and realize #AllTreesAreBeautiful. Well played Reese's, well played. 

Many Reese's fans started to come around after the company posted its cheeky response. Like this guy who made a very valid point. We're loving Reese's for taking a creative approach to the great tree fiasco of 2015. To be honest, does it really matter what it looks like if it tastes good? Are you really going to toss an entire piece of candy just because it looks more appropriate for Easter than Christmas? We think not. Blob or tree shaped, they're going into our stomach regardless. 

What are your thoughts on Reese's response? Sound off in the comments! 

Flashback! Remember when Kim Kardashian had her own lollipop? 

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