Justin Bobby, BobbyrocK

Angus Smythe

If you don't know what today is, you've probs been living under a lopsided Reese's tree since the series finale of The Hills. Forget Jesus, today marks the glorious return of the man we all love and worship, Justin "Bobby" Brescia. What the eff are we talking about? Let us enlighten you. Justin and his band BobbyrocK, which consists of the former MTV bad boy on vocals and guitar (*faints*) and slay-king David Dariani on drums, dropped an album today. We know, right!? Naturally, this day should go down in history as a national holiday. The punk-rock album, Listen as Loud as They Dois available for digital download on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify, the band announced via Twitter. In honor of their album release, the twosome dish to E! about making music, One Direction and what BobbyrocK brings to Justin's life that The Hills never could. Gather around the screen and soak up the wisdom of your new favorite man band. You're welcome, bb's. 

Justin Bobby, BobbyrocK

Angus Smythe

Why did now feel like the right time to focus on music and release an album?

Justin: We and/or I have always focused/played music, its 'just-in' you, all around you. Not just ‘oh now I feel it's the right time.' We finished these songs; now it's time put them out.

David: I don't necessarily think that it felt like the right time, more like it just so happen to be the time that a culmination of lots of hard work and dedication came together. We've been blessed with a great friendship and musical partnership that I feel really is reflected by this album, and equally as important as our live show. It's got an energy that really does mirror who we are as a group.

Can you explain the meaning of the album name?

Justin: We lived in a 200-year-old secluded carriage house in north Jersey, where the only things that could hear us were bears, deer, and bunny rabbits. So during our finals mixes and rehearsals, we would get loud, really loud so we could hear every individual layer of the track. So if you want the real effect, turn it up, way up and Listen as Loud as They Do.

David: Justin and I both have similar personalities; when we do something we do it to the fullest extent that we possibly can. So Listen As Loud As They Do is just about going all-in with what you believe in and doing it to the max.

Who are your most unexpected musical guilty pleasures?

Justin: Hmm let me ask my sister…she just reminded me Sinéad O'Connor "Nothing Compares 2 U" —I must have mentally blocked that one out. But honestly when we were young my brother, sister and I would hold each other and sing it together.

David: I'm going to have to go with Seal "Kiss From a Rose." What a great song and an amazing set of pipes that guy has.

What are each of your favorite songs off of the album and why?

Justin: That's a tough question, you love and hate them at different moments. Sometimes you feel pissed and listen to "Hush Bang Bang"(3 on the album), then feeling a lack of love you listen to "Love Will Take Me There" (2), or "I Love You Do You Love Me?" (1). Music's moody. Right now I'll turn to "I Desire" (7).

David: I'd say "Cherokee" is my favorite song; it's one of the last ones we recorded and is the final track on the CD. We recorded it all in one take doing all the instrumentals and main vocals all at once, ambient style; but I, beyond recording techniques, I just like the song.

Do you have any dream musical collaborations in mind?

Justin: Not at the moment personally, there's so much to learn in the music industry...and where we're at now and where we would like to be, it would come out inauthentic. Seems like people do collabs because they're bored with their own shit, or there is a lower ranked artist working with a higher ranked artist in seeking some kind of gain. I have yet to hear a collab I can't stop listening to...but I'm cynical when it comes to artists who are somewhat forced together, more or less to sing someone else's written tune. People are smart; they'll be able to tell. But you said ‘dream' so maybe in the future.

David: Music is such a collaborative process; it's a state of mind and a state of relationships between people. Being able to lay down a great idea and being confident enough to step back from that idea and allow other people to add their ideas and vice versa is what makes music into its final product. That being said I would love to collaborate with Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead. I very much admire his guitar work and the way his parts intermix with that of the rest of his band members.

Who are your musical influences and idols?

Justin: They come from all directions, not just one direction, band or person. As a kid, I remember in my walkman falling asleep to Onyx, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bruce Springsteen, Offspring, Ozzy; breaking most the tapes from rewinding too much.

David: I like Liam and Noel Gallagher, true rock stars those dudes are. They don't take any crap from anyone, and more importantly they consistently put out great music. 

If you had to go on tour with either One Direction or Nickleback who would you guys chose and why?

Justin: Other than Dave, boy bands rub me the wrong way especially when they look and act like they're little rockers, I'd love to see them in the pit where I could legally throw them an elbow. But until then, Nickleback, at least they play live instruments, aye.

David: I'd choose One Direction just because I feel like us collaborating on tour would be a nice eclectic mix of sounds and styles.

Would BobbyrocK ever do a reality show? If so, what direction would it take?

Justin: Sure, if production didn't force feed the drama upon you. But Dave and I seem to have a hard time getting up from the ground laughing when a show like Impractical Jokers is on. Dave just chimed in about last nights episode about Murr sticking a full harmonica in his mouth and handed it to a patron to play.

David: I'm always open for new experiences; especially since I would have a veteran with me through it all in Justin. If I could imagine it real quick, it would be a tour-bus with an extended tour set-up and following us on the road to all the shows and festivals.

Justin Bobby

Gregory Gorin

When you're not making music, what is a typical day like for each of you?

Justin: Right now that's all were doing on the daily is music, and then I'll spend a couple days a week focused on cutting hair in NYC, all the while taking moments to stop to smell the roses. Daisies. If I was a tulip and you were a tulip, I'd put our tulips together. And Dandelions, for wish-making. 

David: I spend a lot of time emailing venues and organizing our social media with a good friend of mine Michael Sullivan who helps us out with that. I spend time with my friends and family, work out.

If you could organize your dream tour, what artists would accompany BobbyrocK?  

Justin: We're stuck on the new catchy stuff of Cage the Elephant, head-bang with Metallica and jump in the punk pit with our family friends from 98 Mute, maybe the sweet symphony of Whitney Houston/Sam Smith.

David: I really would like to play with Queens Of The Stone Age; I've been to two of their shows, and they have such a good energy as a band and their fans are amazing and so amped up to see them, and it just gives the whole place such a great vibe.

Justin – what are you hoping BobbyrocK can bring to your life that The Hills could not?

A grand connection with a live audience. Doing the show you only got to perform for only a few cast and crew members and you meet the audience during the aftermath; whereas, when BobbyrocK plays we get the gratification of an intimate face-to-face interaction.

Are there any upcoming tour dates we can look out for? 

David: Well we just did a little mini NYC/NJ tour for the past couple months and have been consistently playing shows for a while now; I think we'll spend until after the holidays promoting Listen As Loud As They Do and maybe start pre-production on a music video. Then really get down to the nitty-gritty of planning a tour which really consists of so many more moving parts then the average music listener or show attendee gets to see. However, we are the kind of band that will play anywhere, anytime and go all in whether it's for one person or 1 million; that's just who we are.

Justin: What Dave said. Tour dates are being finalized, but festival season is right around the corner.

David – do you feel like the buzz surrounding Justin's time on The Hills has hurt or helped BobbyrocK?

I have never seen the show, nor did I know anything about Justin's past before we linked up and I asked him if he was a musician and wanted to jam. That being said, as I've learned more I think it's helped our project. I think any time people are involved in the arts that the network they bring is always important, and with Justin I got more than I thought I would in that regard from just being a musician that asked him to jam.

What famous actors would play you guys in a BobbyrocK music video?

Justin: In our visions it's always us playing our roles because we feel as we would be able to portray it best; But if a Tom Hardy or Shia LaBouf came a knocking on the door, I'd gladly open.

David: If I had to pick right now I'd say, Billy Zane. I think he's a great actor who's slightly underrated for his talent level, and he hasn't as far as I know played a role like this one would be. But I also wouldn't mind playing myself in my own music video. LOL. 

Justin Bobby, BobbyrocK

Angus Smythe

What feelings, messages, and ideas would you guys like fans to take away from Listen as Loud as They Do?

Justin: Listen to the feeling of what Dave and I are putting out there. Decipher the songs, and see if it pulls something out of you that you suppressed. Give it a genuine try to turn it up louder than you normally would.

David: I think mainly to do what you love to do and to follow your passions by any means necessary. To me, this is something I've wanted to do since I was 12-13 years old and I got my first guitar and started my first group. I know this is my calling and what I'm meant to do, and I won't settle for anything else and be fully happy. So the overall message I'd like fans to take away from the album: Do what you love to do in life and do it with undying passion.

What's next for you guys after the album release?

Justin: Play, tour, festivals. Play, tour, start a family, festivals. Not so many interviews, play, tour, festivals.

David: To keep the train rolling. Play, Play, Play, Play shows, shows, shows, shows. We do this because we love playing music and interacting with people so it would be great to get some festival bookings where we would have the opportunity to interact with larger groups of people because I really feel like we would blossom in that environment. Also, we have so much more material that isn't part of this release that needs to be explored; so getting into a big studio with all the best equipment and to work with an amazing team of people is what I think needs to happen in order for us to reach even close to the pinnacle of our potential.

Anything else you guys want the world to know? 

Justin: A hippy is staying on a friends couch, the friend asked if he could get up for a sec…the hippy said, Namaste.

Zing. What do you think about BobbyrocK's new album? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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