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The end is near, friends. On Friday, Tyra Banks will crown the final winner of America's Next Top Model—ever. The final four contenders—Mame, Nyle, Lacey and Mikey—will narrow down to two at the beginning of the episode, with only one left standing at the very end.

In honor of ANTM's 22 seasons and the gifts it has given us over the years, E! News is taking a look back at some of our favorite moments from the past 12 years. Today, we pay tribute to the ANTM headmistress herself, Tyra, and the lasting impact she's had on language.

Below, check out our glossary of the best Tyra-isms, including several words you know you still use on a regular basis.

Models, Then and Now, Tyra Banks, 2015

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Beautytainment (n.): the intersection where beauty and entertainment collide

Beautytainer (n.): a person who will be "rackin' up them bank signs" by selling Tyra Beauty (Banks' beauty line)

booty tooch (n.): when you arch your back and slightly stick out your butt; related: booch, the male version

drekitude (n.): wack, disgusting, wrong

fierce (adj.): amazing, strong, confident; both an energy and an emotion

flawsome (adj.): embracing and loving your flaws

H 2 T (adj.): from head to toe

pot ledom (???): obviously this is "top model" spelled backwards but despite being the theme for an entire video challenge, it's still unclear what it means in Tyra-speak

smize (v. or n.): to smile with your eyes, duh

TYover (n.): a Tyra-style transformative makeover

The series finale of America's Next Top Model airs Friday, Dec. 4 at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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