Adele Gushes Over Son Angelo on Today, Says 25 Will "Probably" Be Available for Streaming Later

"Hello" singer opens up to Today's Matt Lauer about success, motherhood and more

By Rebecca Macatee Nov 25, 2015 3:05 PMTags

Adele's new album 25 is breaking records left and right.

When 21 achieved a similar success back in 2011, the 27-year-old singer admits she found it to be overwhelming. But as Adele told Matt Lauer on NBC's Today Wednesday, the fame and attention she's received for 25 seems much "less scary" than it was for 21.

"I feel like I knew of knew what I was getting into this time," she explained. "Not that I was expecting this kind of reaction, but because I'd experienced the success of 21, I was a little less frightened this time…So, I felt a bit more prepared for it."

"Also," she added with a smile, "I've got a kid which is a very grounding thing, as I'm sure any parent will know."

Adele, of course, is referring to her 3-year-old son Angelo. When asked if she was worried that releasing an album would cut down on her mommy-son time, she said not at all.

"My son comes everywhere with me. We're all good," she said. "He's the first person I see in the morning, and the last person I see at night, and vice versa…I make time for him like I always have."

"That's one of the main reasons that I've been away for so long," she went on. "Because I was like no, my kid is more important. My kid comes first, and my music comes second—and I come second."

Music in second place still yields amazing results, fans have found. Speaking of which, Adele's anti-streaming stance isn't quite as strong as we initially thought. She said 25 would "probably" be available on streaming services like Netflix and Apple Music at some point in the future, just like 21 was. Be ready to wait, though—it was 18 months after 21's release that its tracks were released to Spotify.

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