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Celebrities face criticism on the daily. Some choose to ignore it, and some choose to fire back. In the case of Michelle Williams and the negative Facebook commenter, she decided to pop off.

The former Destiny's Child singer didn't hold back when faced with a less-than-nice comment on a recent social media post. Sharing two body shots showing off her electric outfit, Williams wrote, "Fun times in Birmingham, AL last night on #TheThankfulTour! The folks at New Rising Star were TURNED alllllllll the way up!!! Sooooo much love to Camisha Rivers for doing my hair and Sylvia Smith for my makeup!! Jason Bolin surprised me! This fun outfit is by Lollipop Boutique in New Jersey!!!"

A fan decided to highlight Williams' figure and commented below the pics with, "Wtf happen to her she got Skinty."

That's when Michelle opted to go in on the Facebook user.

Fun times in Birmingham, AL last night on #TheThankfulTour! The folks at New Rising Star were TURNED alllllllll the way...

Posted by Michelle Williams on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The now-deleted comment read, "What happened to you, you have gotten soooooo FAT!!! Ma'am I'm not even gonna tell you that you could push back from a few plates because I'm a Christian and God is working on me to be a better person!!! You are certainly welcome to your opinion and observations but HONEY....make sure you look beauty pageant ready at ALL times before you come for ANYBODY!! Even on my worst day I'm still killing!! I believe in meeeeeee agaaaaaaaain!!! Now I'm sure you don'tlike that do you!!??? Make sure you use wisdom on what's necessary to put in people's comment sections!!"

Where. Is. The. Tea?

Williams' shade shocked a number of users, some of which decided to comment on her response as well. One user wrote, "I can't believe Michelle clapped back on that young lady... It's now in the shade room. I hope she doesn't commit suicide due to the embarrassment. Anyway, Michelle ask God to guide your words and remain humble at all times. When ppl down others they're usually hurting in the inside."

Another wrote, "Why be so offensive? I doubt she meant any kind of spiteful intentions. She's a sweetheart not a hater. Anyway, I think the pics look nice. Not that my opinion matters in the slightest."

It seems like Williams had a change of heart by deleting the diss, and instead, focused on promoting The Thankful Tour.

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