8 Things the Rocky Franchise Gave Us

Yo, Adrian!

By Julia Hays Nov 23, 2015 9:42 PMTags
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Nearly a week after the 39th anniversary of the first Rocky film, we're about the to get the seventh installment in the film's franchise.

The spin-off film Creed stars Michael B. Jordan, as he follows in the boxing footsteps of his father Apollo Creed (played by Carl Weathers earlier in the franchise.)

While the fresh take is sure to include some of our favorite things from the originals (muscles, grueling training sessions, inspiring fight songs), there are a few elements that are "classic Rocky" which we have to celebrate.

Characters have come and gone, and we'll probably never get another soundtrack powered by the band Survivor.

These are the things the Rocky franchise gave us that have earned their legendary pop culture status.

1. Running up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum:

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Sprinting up the stairs to the song "Gonna Fly Now" is one of the most iconic scenes from the first Rocky film, and it's not the only time the titular character races up the steps in the series while training. It's been parodied countless times, and it's an Instagram-must moment for anyone visiting Philly.

2. "Adrian! ADRIANNNNN!":

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A lot of people forget that Rocky loses to Creed in the first film of the series, but it doesn't matter, because the film ends with him yelling for his lady Adrian. The two passionately embrace after they proclaim their love for each other. Not a bad consolation prize after getting bested by Creed.

3. "Eye of the Tiger":

The epic Survivor anthem is the main theme from Rocky III, you know, the one with Mr. T. Never was there a better song for an action movie montage. You can play "Eye of the Tiger" while doing literally any mundane activity in your life, and within moments it will become exponentially more awesome. That's the power of "Eye of the Tiger."

4. Training montages:

Speaking of montage songs, the Rocky franchise is a textbook example of what a badass movie montage can be. They can even make Sylvester Stallone chasing a chicken in an alley into a moment that makes you want to stand up and cheer. The first Rocky even won an Oscar for Best Film Editing, which is basically the montage Oscar, right?

5. Ain't no shame in the grey sweatpants game:

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Rocky's default training outfit is the same thing we like to wear when we're Netflixing old Rocky movies: grey sweats.When you see Rocky in his signature look you know you're about to hear an electric guitar shredding while Stallone beats up some meat in a butcher shop freezer.

6. Rocky single-handedly ended the Cold War:

We're pretty sure Rocky played a large part in ending the Cold War when he defeated Ivan Drago and won over the Soviets on Christmas Day in Rocky IV. From the James Brown' "Living in America" extravaganza to the inspirational "everybody can change" speech at the end, there's no subtlety in the messaging this movie was trying to send. Rocky went to Russia and saved the damn world.

7. Opponents can become your bros:

Rocky and Creed have a dynamic relationship over the course of the Rocky franchise. Creed beats Rocky. Rocky beats Creed. They go from opponents to respected adversaries to friends to training one another. Rocky avenges Creed's death in Rocky IV. There's one heck of a history there. The most memorable image of the two may be them running down the beach together in Rocky III. Bros help bros stay swole.

8. We all need a Mickey in our corner:

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Rocky's trainer, up until the character passed away in Rocky III, was Mickey Goldmill (played by Burgess Meredith.) Watching the old man yell at Rocky and call him a "bum" is both hilarious and motivating. Mickey's the ultimate ass-kicking mentor figure.

Speaking of the Rocky franchise, watch below as Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone talk Creed on the red carpet.

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