Chris Hemsworth Covers Vanity Fair, Reveals What Jennifer Lawrence "Can Get Away With" That He Can't

Thor star gets candid about the pitfalls of fame

By Rebecca Macatee Nov 23, 2015 7:03 PMTags
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Typically it's the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade that kicks off the Christmas season, but it looks like Chris Hemsworth and his Vanity Fair holiday cover are ringing things in this year!

The 32-year-old The Huntsman Winter's War star looks as handsome as ever wearing jeans and a red T-Shirt with the words, "Help! It's Christmas" printed across his chest. Inside the mag, Chris speaks candidly about being grateful for his success yet perturbed by parts of what come with it—like the paparazzi.

The humble-to-a-fault Thor hunk tells Vanity Fair with a laugh that he's "not complaining," but it's clear he wishes he were able to be like brother Liam Hemsworth's Hunger Games co-star. "What was it Jennifer Lawrence said? 'I know everyone said you're not supposed to complain about the paparazzi. Well, I don't give a s--t. I'm f--king complaining!'" he said. "But she can get away with that."

Chris goes on to say that Hollywood is "set up to turn you into a complete narcissist," explaining, "You just kind of lose touch with reality a bit here. You drive down the street and you're constantly reminded of everything you're either involved in or not involved in. It's exhausting."

He feels the pressure, too, of starring in a big-budget franchise like The Avengers. "When something costs $150 million and it doesn't work, it's your face, it's your fault," he says. "And the character has fans. Are they still a fan or did you just make them never want to read the comic again?"

Ah, superhero worries. For Chris' full interview, pick up the holiday issue of Vanity Fair.

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