Justin Bieber Wore a Nirvana Shirt to the 2015 AMAs, So Twitter Declared the Band's Legacy Ruined Forever

"What Do You Mean?" singer hit the red carpet in ripped jeans and a vintage tee that angered the band's fanbase

By Jenna Mullins Nov 23, 2015 2:08 AMTags
Justin Bieber, 2015 American Music Awards Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Only Justin Bieber could piss off so many people by literally just standing there.

To put things in perspective, when Nirvana released their iconic album Nevermind, Justin Bieber wasn't even on this planet yet. 

So when he showed up at the 2015 American Music Awards sporting a vintage Nirvana shirt, ripped jeans and a bored expression, fans of the band were not happy. The same kind of thing happened when Bieber wore Metallica shirt during a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Metal heads had a lot of unsavory opinions about that wardrobe choice, to say the least.

Actually, the "What Do You Mean?" singer kind of looked like he was going as a ‘90s Nirvana fan for Halloween when he stepped out on the red carpet. And seeing as Bieber is the pretty much the last person people associate grunge music with, Nirvana purists have officially called the band's legacy ruined forever.

Well, at least we know that Beliebers will be quick to defend their idol on Twitter because he can wear what he wants, OK?!

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