Adele's "Hello" Video Gets Thanksgiving Parody on SNL, Singer Gives Haunting Performances on Show

Matthew McConaughey hosted the episode, which aired on Nov. 21

By Corinne Heller Nov 22, 2015 4:22 PMTags

It's official: Adele makes everything better.

Even Thanksgiving, according to NBC's SNL. On Saturday, the cast members starred in a holiday-themed segment parodying the music video for the British singer's gorgeous new single, "Hello." Adele was the musical guest on the episode, while Matthew McConaughey hosted.

Whenever the characters would begin bickering at the table, someone would play the song, prompting everyone to stop, mesmerized, and launch into a tearful family lip-syncing session. Oh, and several of them, including those played by McConaughey and Aidy Bryant, actually transform into Adele look-alikes.


The real singer gave a haunting performance of "Hello" during SNL.

She also sang another new song, "When We Were Young." Both tracks are featured on her new album, 25, which was released on Friday.

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