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Jamie Chung once revealed that she is hyper-diligent about making sure that her skin is moisturized at all times. The more that we started gathering tips on the subject from celeb makeup artists and other beauty insiders (who always happen to have supple skin), the more apparent it became that face oils are the game changers we've been looking for. 

With a variety of formulas aimed at anti-aging, hydrating and other needs, it actually makes a lot of sense to mix the concentrated serum in with the products you're already wearing every day—like your foundation or moisturizer. To combat cooler temperatures that make your skin extra thirsty, instantly upgrade your makeup and skin care with a few drops of oil for a custom elixir tailored to your immediate needs. 

Although there's not a right or wrong equation for what to use with what, here are a few industry-tested combos that you need to know about. 

ESC, Oil Combos

If it's good enough for Adele's makeup artist, it's good enough for us. UK makeup pro Michael Ashton recently Instagrammed a picture of what he considers to be "the perfect pair for natural-looking sun kissed skin." By mixing up an illuminating self-tanning serum with your firming SPF moisturizer first thing in the morning, you can tailor-make a faux glow every single day, even in the dead of winter.

Tan-Luxe The Face Illuminating Self Tan Serum, $53.54; Erno Laszlo Blue 'Firmarine' Mousturizer SPF 30, $195

ESC, Oil Combos

This all-natural, rosehip oil-infused serum is a must-have of celeb makeup artist Karen Gonzalez. The product also contains 24k gold, which, as we know, helps skin look visibly younger and more radiant. Mix this with a full coverage foundation, like Karen's favorite from MAC, and the combo will work double time to not only smooth out imperfections but also to hydrate skin for an all-day makeup look that doesn't flake off.

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir, $54; MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF, $27

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ESC, Oil Combos

It's always refreshing when celebs reveal that they use the same drugstore products that we do. Jamie, for instance, is devoted to using Cetaphil moisturizer at night. She even mixes the cream with Skinceuticals serum for an extra boost. While the style influencer didn't specify which Skinceuticals product she doctors up, this highly-reviewed version works double duty to protect against free radicals and brighten skin tone at the same time. If you wear it during the day, just be sure to pair with a moisturizer containing SPF protection.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, $15.99; Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Serum, $162

ESC, Oil Combos

Face oils are hydrating by nature, but this singular-ingredient, highly-concentrated topical oil is the crème de la crème of moisture surge products. E! Style Collective's beauty guru, Karen, likes to keep this handy for when she's traveling. If you feel your skin start to majorly flake this season, add a few drops of hydrating serum into your night cream to repair your skin while you sleep.

Tarte Maracuja Oil, $48; Charlotte Tilbury 'Charlotte's Magic Cream', $100

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