Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale's Former Nanny Goes Into Hiding Amid Cheating Allegations

Nanny avoids answering questions about the speculation

By Sara Kitnick, Kendall Fisher Nov 18, 2015 10:26 PMTags
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Mindy Mann is going under the radar for a while as speculation about her relationship with Gavin Rossdale continues to grow.

Gwen Stefani's ex reportedly cheated on her with their former nanny almost a year before they eventually decided to file for divorce. Though neither Stefani nor Rossdale have commented on the allegations, several sources have confirmed it, and Mann continues to be hounded by the media.

A source close to the nanny tells E! News exclusively, "The last few weeks have been extremely difficult for Mindy. She has been bombarded with media trying to get her to talk about Gavin and the kids and she isn't wanting to talk. She cares about those kids so much and out of respect for the family wants to keep quiet."


Thus, after being photographed for the first time since the allegations began spreading, she's decided to go into hiding and let the speculation settle. "She is still currently in LA but keeping a low profile and has shut her phone off," the insider adds.

Meanwhile, Stefani hasn't let the rumors get her down as she moves forward with her life and her relationship with Blake Shelton.

"Many of Gwen's friends love how happy she has been over these past few months, and they believe she found love again," a second source tells us. "The media craze just annoys her because of the way it can affect kids in situations like this, but she has been giving them unconditional love and talking to them."


Part of her concern over the kids was making sure they didn't find out about news of the cheating allegations.

"Gwen didn't want the news about the nanny to get out for the sake of her kids," another source tells E! News. "She really wanted to protect them and not have them go through knowing this went on with their father and someone that she trusted. Over the last few weeks, she had begun telling more of her friends what had happened. [But] she is ready to move on and start the next chapter of her life."

And that includes closing the door on Mann, with whom she cut all ties and hasn't spoken to for quite some time.

—Reporting by Sara Kitnick