All the Times Jazz Was Literally Thrown Out of the Fresh Prince House

It's not easy being Jazz

By Julia Hays Nov 19, 2015 6:00 PMTags
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It's not easy being Jazz.

Probably the most notorious house guest on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the character, played by DJ Jazzy Jeff (or Jeffrey Allen Townes), was constantly being kicked out of the Banks' residence—usually just for being himself.

It became a running gag on the '90s TV series, and typically featured the same clip, with Jazz wearing the same patterned shirt, getting thrown through the front door of the house.



As for what the offending incident was that would get Will's BFF kicked out? That could vary.

There were even a few moments when the tables were turned and Will or Uncle Phil got tossed out.

But it was always great to see how much, or usually how little, Jazz had to do to get bounced.

This is what it took for him to be shown the door...


1. The first time Jazz gets thrown out, he's basically just being himself. In "Bang the Drum, Ashley" (Season 1, Episode 2), the family sits down to enjoy tea together while listening to classical music. You know, rich people stuff. Upon request, Jazz turns the music up, but then starts scratching the record. (He's DJ Jazzy Jeff, after all.) We then cut to the iconic clip of Jazz being tossed out the front door.

2. Uncle Phil gets home from work and is talking to Will about the fact that he joined poetry club at school in "Def Poet's Society" (Season 1, Episode 7). Jazz interrupts, saying he's hungry, and asks when they serve dinner, to which Phil responds: "We eat here later. You eat here never." Jazz makes a crack at Phil's weight with "looks like you eat here often," which he says while poking Uncle Phil's stomach and laughing. Obviously, he's immediately tossed out.

3. In "Kiss My Butler" (Season 1, Episode 10), Will's bummed that he and Jazz didn't get any girls at the mall. Hilary claims it's because Will was with "girl-away," a.k.a. Jazz, and that Jazz could only get a girl during a blackout. "l'd love to get a hold of you during a blackout," responds Jazz. Hilary then has Uncle Phil throw Jazz out of the house.

4. In "It Had to Be You" (Season 1, Episode 19), Will is upset after Jazz sets him up on a date with his "maniac" sister, who is allegedly "the bossiest woman in the world." Jazz totally agrees and said he only made the date happen so he could pawn his annoying sister off on someone else for a change. For the first time, but definitely not the last, we see Will throw his own best friend out.

5. While giving Will a technique on how to talk to the ladies, in "It Had to Be You" (Season 1, Episode 19), he uses Hilary as an example. Jazz says to Hilary: "Your behavior at the club last night was completely unacceptable. Now, where I come from manners count for a lot. Now I'm sorry I have to say this, but I simply can't sit here and allow this rudeness to continue. Do I make myself clear?" After teasing him for a moment, like his line worked, Hilary throws Jazz out.


6. Jazz and Will walk in on Hilary reading a magazine, and Jazz starts hitting on her in "Working It Out" (Season 1, Episode 25). The offending pickup line in question: "Your mouth is saying 'get out,' but your eyes are saying 'get busy.'" Since her parents aren't home to help, Hilary has the family butler, Geoffrey, throw Jazz out.

7. Will's super-proud of his sweet, new ride in "Cased Up" (Season 2, Episode 9), but Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv tell him he can't drive the car without insurance. Phil asks what kind of idiot would even sell a car without insurance. "I resent that," Jazz pipes up. Jazz then taunts Phil because he can't throw him out, since they're already outside. Phil lifts Jazz over his shoulder, carries him, and throws him through the back door and into the kitchen.

8. Jazz tries to sneak out of the house, while hiding behind Uncle Phil, after staying up late to hang out with Will in "Cased Up" (Season 2, Episode 9). Jazz nearly gets away with it too, until Phil claims he smells "cheap cologne and fried chicken." Jazz reveals himself by saying "I resent that," and gets tossed from the house.

9. Hilary's upset after a date gone wrong in "Community Action" (Season 2, Episode 17) and is looking for comfort. Jazz tells her parents that he'd be happy to take her off the family's hands, and maybe even marry her, if she "performs on the test drive." Upon Aunt Viv's request, Phil throws Jazz out the back door.

10. Jazz is having a disagreement with Tyriq, who claims to be Will's best friend. Jazz says he's cooler because he doesn't even have to walk to his own car at the Banks' house. To prove it, he calls Uncle Phil his "tubby judicial brother" to get purposefully thrown out in "Eyes on the Prize" (Season 2, Episode 19).

11. Uncle Phil is making a lot of home repairs, disconnecting the phone in the process, and the family won't let him hear the end of it in "Eyes on the Prize" (Season 2, Episode 19). "That's it, the next person that mentions the phone gets a boot in their behind," says Phil. At that moment, Jazz walks into the kitchen, mentioning that the broken phone, which gets him immediately kicked out of the house.


12. Will and Jazz make up after a fight, and Will makes a speech to Jazz that his going away for college doesn't mean they won't be friends anymore in "Here Comes the Judge" (Season 3, Episode 7). Jazz then asks Will to throw him out of the house... "for old times' sake."

13. Uncle Phil interviews several terrible babysitter candidates for baby Nicky in "Six Degrees of Graduation" (Season 3, Episode 24). When Jazz sits down for an interview, Phil confronts him, then Jazz proclaims he thought the job was "to take care of Hilary." Per usual, Phil shows him the door.

14. Jazz gives Aunt Viv a baby gift for Nicky, even though it's 5 months late in "Where There's a Will, There's a Way (Part 1)" (Season 4, Episode 1). Will points out that there's a different kid's name on the clearly stolen pillow and throws Jazz out the back door of the house.

15. In "When You Hit Upon a Star" (Season 4, Episode 17), Jazz informs the Banks family that he's procured a stripper for Will's surprise party. Aunt Viv's response? To toss Jazz out the house's back door.

16. For his last ejection, in "I, Done (Part 1)" (Season 6, Episode 23), Jazz brings Uncle Phil a birthday gift... his grandmom's old false teeth, saying "she don't need them no more." Despite Jazz's protesting, citing Phil's age and that it's bad for his back, Phil still throws Jazz out. "Man, Uncle Phil, you beat your old record by like 10 feet," says Will.


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