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Christina Milian opened up about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend on the latest episode of Christina Milian Turned Up.

Tuesday's episode focused a lot on the Christina, Lizzy Milian and Danielle Milian's significant others. The episode showed Lizzy and Dom snooping through each other's phones, and Danielle trying to accept Richard's dream of becoming a stuntman.

Christina even discussed her ex rapper beau while on a hike with Lizzy.

What did she have to say about the status of her relationship with her ex-boyfriend?

Check out the recap below to find out all of the details and see how Christina ends up in the middle a huge argument!

1. Lizzy Looks Through Dom's Phone:

Lizzy and her boyfriend Dom are spending time together when Lizzy decides to check up on his Instagram account. After she starts snooping around, Dom takes her phone and starts looking through her messages!

"Messages? I was looking through your Instagram," Lizzy says. "You're taking it to a whole other level now."

Watch the video above to see the couple check up on each other's phones!

CMTU, 203


2. Christina Starts Working With a Girl Group:

Christina decides to start working with a girl group called Ceraadi. Cerradi is made up of three sisters who want to make it in the music business and their mom, Sandra, who also happens to be their manager. Their story is very similar to Christina's, especially because her mom Carmen is her manager and helped her break into the industry.

"They had this new really good energy that I just walked into this room and I could feel it," Christina says about the group. "Then when they opened their mouths and started singing and they started to tell me their story, I mean I immediately connected with them. Literally that same day I told them that I wanted to work with them."

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3. Richard Tells Danielle That He Wants to Become a Stuntman:

Danielle sits down with her husband Richard and he tells her that he wants to become a stuntman, something she definitely didn't expect to hear.

Richard explains that he has a friend that seems to be on a great path right now and he wants that for himself.

"What's he doing?" Danielle asks Richard.

"He's a stuntman," Richard tells her.

"I just want to smack Richard over the head right now," Danielle says. "Stuntman? I mean we have another baby on the way."

After talking it over some more, Danielle agrees to support Richard's dream.

4. Christina Open Up About Her Relationship:

Christina, Lizzy, Dom and Richard go on a hike together. While Dom helps Richard train for stuntman school, Christina talks to Lizzy about her ex.

"My guy is a good guy but we're driving each other crazy right now," Christina says to Lizzy. "It's like he's way too far away for us to be trying to like fix something. And it's like and it's so... it's such a really big deal. It's the worst it's ever gotten before."

She then tells Lizzy that she got a phone call from someone asking if she was engaged and she admits that she "wishes" that were the case and on the same day she got a phone call asking if she and her ex were broken up!

Christina then says that it's "no one's business" what's going with relationship.

Watch the video above to hear what else Christina had to say about her ex!

CMTU, 203


5. Dom Attempts to Help Lizzy Speak French:

Dom buys Lizzy a book in order to help her learn French. Lizzy might not be great at French, but she's definitely trying to learn and the couple seems very happy together.

"I'm very happy," Lizzy says. "I'm very happy with my situation right now and I really see Dom and I building something together, which is something that I couldn't really see myself reflected in any other relationship."

CMTU, 203


6. Richard Decides It Isn't the Right Time to Become a Stuntman:

Richard goes to stuntman school to try to get certified. While Richard is doing a stunt with the instructors, Danielle shows up to watch. The two discuss the idea of him becoming a stuntman and Richard gets a little frustrated when he feels Danielle isn't being supportive.

"Richard's upset because he doesn't fell that I'm being supportive, but I am," Danielle says. "I'm really proud of him, I'm happy, I just don't know whether he wants to take this seriously or not."

By the end of the episode, Richard decides that becoming a stuntman isn't the right thing for him to do right now.

7. Christina Ends Up in the Middle of a Fight Between Ceraadi's Mom and Record Producers:

Christina brings Ceraadi and Sandra, their mom and manager, to meet record producers The Silent Killers. From the start Ceraadi and Sandra don't get along with the producers and the entire recording session seems very tense.

Things get even more heated when Sandra starts questioning their resume.

"I tried to Google you guys and couldn't find nothing," Sandra says.

Check out the video above to see a preview of the argument, the second half will continue on the next episode!

Watch an all-new episode of Christina Milian Turned Up on Tuesday, Dec. 1 at 10 p.m., only on E!

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