12 Fast Food Items We Wish Would Come Back

We'll never forget you, Cheesy Tots.

By Julia Hays Nov 16, 2015 8:04 PMTags
Fast food items we miss, McDonald's McRibMcDonald's

Today is National Fast Food Day, so we're celebrating... obviously.

In honor of this, the most glorious of days, we would like to take a little stroll down junk food memory lane with you, to reminisce on some of our favorite greasy goodies which are no longer with us.

Not because we ate them all (OK, we kind of did), but because these fast food chains fail to recognize how desperately we need Cheesy Tots back in our lives.

These are the snacks that fast food joints have taken away, but we, the people, want to see make a triumphant return.

1. McDonald's McRib: Perhaps one of the greatest quests of our time, this seasonal Mickey D's offering can involve road trips and detective work to find, but oh is it worth it. The McRib is available at participating McDonald's locations through the end of the year—so the clock is once again ticking, people.

2. Taco Bell's Bacon Club Chalupa: Fast food chains, why do you tease us so? The Bacon Club Chalupa— which contains grilled chicken, avocado ranch sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, three cheese blend, and bits of bacon—is another item that comes and goes, despite a loyal fan base demanding that it have permanent menu status. Hell, it has Facebook fan pages dedicated to it. Keep fighting the good fight, Bacon Club Faithful.


3. Wendy's Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit: Wendy's has dabbled in the fast food breakfast game, but other than a few exceptions, most of the chain's locations don't do a breakfast menu anymore. One of our favorite items before their b-fast experiment failed featured a crispy whole breast chicken fillet topped with honey butter on a warm, Southern-style buttermilk biscuit. Also, shout out to the Mornin' Melt Panini. Your time was short, Wendy's breakfast menu, but you burned bright while you could.

4. Burger King's Enormous Omelet Sandwich: Speaking of breakfast, let's pause for a moment to honor the beauty that was BK's bigass breakfast sandwich. Sorry, it was called the Enormous Omelet Sandwich. It featured sausage patties, bacon, eggs and American cheese on a sesame seed bun. We're still digesting one of these, which we ate in 2005. Other than that, this "you're going to need to call out of work today sandwich" is but a distant breakfast memory.

5. KFC's Double Down: Though it was initially announced on April Fools' Day 5 years ago, the Double Down is seriously no joke. It's bacon, two types of melted cheese and a "secret" sauce between two deep-fried chicken patties. Though the sandwich has seemingly disappeared from many locations (does it count as a sandwich if there's no bread?), it's still available at some international locations. So don't count the Double Down out just yet.

6. Pizza Hut's Bigfoot Pizza: In 1993, Pizza Hut introduced us to the Bigfoot Pizza, which was two square feet of pizza. For a '90s kid, it was basically a pizza the size of your body. Perfect for birthday parties or gatherings, or one person having a really rough day, the giant pizza has since been discontinued. Now we just have things like triple decker boxes to keep us warm at night.

7. Sonic's Pickle O's: Pickles that are coated in batter and deep fried, how did these not stand the test of time? These tangy treats made a comeback in 2003 for the chain's anniversary, and can allegedly still be found at a few locations. Or you can attempt a Sonic hack and see if your local chain will whip some up for you. Pickles are a health food, right?

8. Taco Bell's Bell Beefer: Before thinking outside the bun, Taco Bell put their food in a bun, to try and get in on the fast food burger game. The Bell Beefer was like a sloppy joe, filled with seasoned taco meat, which could include toppings like cheese, diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce and mild border sauce. Like the Berlin Wall, the Bell Beefer began to crumble in the late '80s, and it appears the world has since moved on.

9. McDonald's Fried Apple and Cherry Pies: McDonald's used to fry their pies, until the early '90s, and now they're baked instead. Sure, the new move is a slightly healthier alternative, but please, give us the option. The best things in life are fried, after all.

10. Wendy's SuperBar: To prove we're not only obsessed with the unhealthiest of options, we'd like to remind you that Wendy's once had a salad bar. Unfortunately, the SuperBar disappeared in the late '90s. We're going to guess it had to do with the challenges of keeping it stocked—and maybe a little something to do with gross members of the public who can't handle nice things.

11. Dairy Queen's Breeze: Another healthy fast food option that's left the market? This frozen yogurt treat, which was an alternative to the Blizzard ice cream option at DQ. Apparently there wasn't enough demand for froyo. Well, at least we tried to be healthy for a minute.

Burger King

12. Burger King's Cheesy Tots: Since BK is sometimes known to bring items back when the people clamor for them (looking at you, Chicken Fries!), this discontinued breakfast item has left a major void in our mornings. We still have dreams about the fried potato bites, which were filled with American cheese. This is another fast food effort that has Facebook groups demanding their favorite item be brought back to the menu. Whether the will of the people can effect that change... that remains to be seen.

Taco Bell

Honorable mention: Taco Bell's Beefy Crunch Burrito. Why is this an honorable mention only? Well, according to the #‎BeefyCrunchMovement‬, there may be hope for a compromise. Something tells us we could see the return blessed burrito very soon.

Speaking of fast food, watch the video below to find out why Snooki may not be on the same page as us when it comes to bringing back these delicious dishes.