The woman who put one and one together and got pop-culture history is speaking out.

Britney Spears' former choreographer, Teresa Espinosa, sat down exclusively with E! News to dish about introducing Spears to Kevin Federline, their whirlwind romance…and how sad and lonely Spears was at the time.

Espinosa, who worked closely with Britney in 2003 and during her Onyx Hotel tour in 2004, says that K-Fed and Britney instantly hit it off when they met at a Los Angeles nightclub. 

"I introduced them, and I just thought she'd have someone to hang out with and somebody to give her attention. At the time, I felt like she was lonely."

As for Britney's breakdown, Espinosa says, "I think people would like to blame Kevin for her unraveling, but before he was introduced to her or met her, I could see from the outside that she was going through something. I could tell she was sad."

Espinosa also gives an insider account of the knee injury that sidelined Britney in 2004, an incident she calls "a turning point" in Britney's career.

The choreographer also offers her professional opinion on Britney's current progress in turning her life around and the chances of a successful comeback tour for the pop star.

For the complete interview, tune in this weekend to E! News.

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