Forget burning— is Paris returning?!

After news broke that Gilmore Girls would be returning for a four-episode limited series on Netflix and the Internet had a coffee-fueled meltdown, speculation soon began over which beloved characters would return. While it's expected that the big names—Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, and Scott Patterson—will reprise their roles in the revival (in the present-day), other fan favorites' participation in the highly anticipated series is TBD.

So, of course, when E! News caught up with Liza Weil—aka Paris Geller, Rory's (Alexis Bledel) hilariously icy enemy-turned-BFF—at the New York Paleyfest event for How to Get Away With Murder, we had to know if she's been approached to return for Gilmore Girls' second life. 

Gilmore Girls, Danny Strong, Liza Weil


"I haven't heard  that I'm not coming back," Weil coyly told us. "I just haven't officially signed on. I hope to be a part of it!"

While Weil said they are talking to the "core people first," she would "love to be a part of" the revival. Hey Amy Sherman-Palladino, that's your cue to call Weil STAT! To hear more from Weil about Gilmore Girls, press play on our interview with her above.

And when we chatted with Weil at the epic Gilmore Girls' reunion at the 2015 ATX TV Festival in June, she predicted what Paris would be up to now. "I like to think she and Doyle are very happily married, I think they were really matched, "Weil said of Paris and Doyle, Danny Strong's character. "I think Paris is probably still just in the world and doing work that interests her. Maybe a little bit of law and a little bit of medicine." 

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—Reporting by James Chairman

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