iPhone Water


You had us at "Liquid Expulsion From An Orifice," Apple.

That's the suggestive title of the technology giant's new patent, which was just accepted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

OK, now that we're done giggling, let us tell you why this "liquid expulsion" could be a huge deal.

The new patent would reportedly use electrode technology to expel liquid from your device. So, say, you drop your iPhone in the toilet at a bar or spill wine all over it at ladies' night, you may not be S.O.L.

Thanks for trying to save us from our terrible party fouls, Apple.

Rumor has it, according to Apple followers, the new technology means a phone would expel any trapped liquid through the device's "acoustic module," like the built-in speaker or microphone, using electrical charges.

Back to that sexy patent language?

"The acoustic module includes an acoustic element and a cavity."

"The first and second charge on the first and second regions of the interior surfaces of the cavity may be selectively applied to facilitate movement of a liquid held within the cavity."


Long story short: There's a chance that instead of putting your phone in a bowl of rice or praying over it, in the future you may be able to take your iPhone out of a toilet, and it will squirt the water out and be totally fine.

Totally fine other than the fact that your phone has been in a toilet and you now have knowledge of that forever.

Speaking of the iPhone, watch the video below as Scarlett Johannson dishes on "Her" rivalry vs. Siri.

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