Clarissa Explains It All's Comeback: Melissa Joan Hart, Mitchell Kriegman on Revisiting the Classic Series

Exclusive: Things I Can't Explain takes Clarissa Darling to new heights

By Chris Harnick Nov 13, 2015 12:30 AMTags
Watch: "Clarissa Explains It All" Author Pens Sequel to TV Series

Clarissa Explains It All is back on TV (thanks to The Splat block of 90s programming) and back on the mind of Melissa Joan Hart thanks to Things I Can't Explain, the Clarissa Explains It All sequel novel from series creator Mitchell Kriegman.

Things I Can't Explain picks up with a 20something Clarissa Darling trying to make it in the modern day Big Apple. Yes, everybody is aware the show ended in 1994 and Clarissa would be pushing 40 if the real timeline was kept and that's where the Clarissa multiverse comes in, Kriegman told us in an exclusive interview with Hart.

"There's almost a Clarissa universe—a multiverse of Clarissa," Kriegman said about the future of Clarissa Darling.

"A few dimensions," Hart added.

"There's a few dimensions at different points in her life all at the same time…You know how they have the DC Universe and the Marvel Universe? We have the Clarissa Universe…you can drop in anywhere."


In April, Hart told E! News she's been approached about returning to the world of Clarissa or Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, but never committed to returning to the beloved characters. "I think it would have to be done really right. You can only go back to the well so many times...it's either going to be done really well and people will only know me as this one character for the rest of my life, or it's going to be really embarrassing and I'll never work again," she told us in April. "I think it's a really tricky, fine line to walk as an actor and I had a fantastic time on that show and I just think fondly on every moment I had—all seven years on Sabrina and those four years on Clarissa—but I think you just have to be really careful with that stuff. I know the fans say they want it, but then—then they're really hard on you after. It never turns out as well as the fan-fiction does, you know?"

As for the status of Clarissa and Sam (played by Sean O'Neal in the series that ran from 1991-1994), well things took a turn for the best friends in the book. What did the actress behind Clarissa think? Click play on the video above to hear what she had to say and get scoop on what a revival or reboot of Clarissa Explains It All would look like.

Things I Can't Explain is on bookshelves now.