Miranda Kerr seems to have found her perfect match!

The Reebok spokeswoman got to chatting with E! News at the launch of the company's new athleisure wear and couldn't help but gush about her boyfriend and  Snapchat founder, Evan Spiegel.

"We met actually at a Louis Vuitton dinner in New York a year ago," she reveals. "We just started out as friends and eventually it developed into more."
Essentially, he's everything Kerr wants in a man. "He's just a really kind person and very genuine and very authentic and I really appreciate that about him," she smiles. "And also he's very intelligent."

And the biggest proof that she's head over heels? Spiegel will be spending the holidays with her and her family in Australia!

In fact, Kerr talked a bit about Christmas and how they are planning to celebrate her son, Flynn's 5th birthday shortly thereafter on Jan. 6.

"We'll be in Australia for Christmas and then back for his birthday," she explains. "We're just going to have a little party for him and all his friends…He loves balloons so I'm sure there will be plenty of balloons."

As for little Flynn's birthday and Christmas presents? "Right now he's very much into his train set," Kerr says of what she's planning on wrapping up for him. "So anything that kind of goes into the train set… All the little things that go with it."

With all the holidays and celebrating to come over the next few months, the supermodel says she's really focused on staying healthy and making sure she doesn't overindulge.

"I'm very passionate about health and well-being and what you put into your body because whatever you put in, it actually supports your energy levels," she tells us. "So I really try my best to eat 80 percent healthy and 20 percent indulgent because it is important to have that balance and feel like you're not depriving yourself because if you feel like you're  depriving yourself then automatically it's human nature to want what you can't have."

So for the holidays, she adds, "Have a little bit, just don't have a lot. Don't over indulge because then you actually feel sluggish, and it's harder to digest…Try to stick to the healthier alternatives, like vegetables and chicken. You can have some really yummy meals that are not only delicious but also nutritious."

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