New Lost Photo: Where's Daniel Dae Kim?

Want to get a first look at the high-res version of Lost's all-new season five cast portrait?

By Kristin Dos Santos Dec 03, 2008 8:02 PMTags

As the premiere of Lost draws closer, tidbits like the photo above are slowly being let out, and we've got the facts about who's missing from the image, i.e., Jin Kwon, aka our beloved Daniel Dae Kim, and the dish on the Easter eggs hidden inside this picture...

Things to ponder about this image:

  • Where is Jin Kwon? This photo would have you believe he's dead, but spoiler alert: Sources assure me that the freighter-splosion was not fatal and we will see Daniel Dae Kim on the show again. So no one has killed Jin Kwon...well, at least, not yet.
  • They went for the postapocalyptic vine-covered Brooklyn-scape, huh? Is this a convenient aesthetic shorthand that integrates the Oceanic Sixers out in the world and the Left Behinders back on the Island, or could it be a portent of actual scenes to come?
  • Is there a hidden meaning in the bottles of Dharma pop, Dharma beer and Dharma saltines? What about the busted computer monitor and old TV?
  • How many Photoshop layers do you think are in this picture?
  • How little does this freakin' hot cast actually need to be Photoshopped?

What do you guys think? Good stuff, yes?