Holy beard! Holy pecs! Holy Nick Jonas!

Yes, Boone himself (Jonas) made a triumphant return to Scream Queens tonight and the writers explained his beefier bod in the most perfect of ways.

While in real life, Jonas had bulked up (and shaved his head) over his six-episode SQ hiatus to shoot DirecTV's boxing drama Kingdom, on Scream Queens it was explained that he's been hiding out with nothing to do but "work out and kill people." He's also rocking a ridiculous beard that makes people mistake him for "Wockeen Phoenix."

"He thinks he's got a brilliant disguise on and he's blending in perfectly with the normal crowd," Jonas says in the exclusive video on the Scream Queens set above. (Press play now!) "Clearly he doesn't. He's not the brightest in the bunch. But it's really setting up what's about to happen in the next episode."

In the next episode, you'll find out why Boone has it out for Gigi (Nasim Pedrad), who is next on the Red Devil's kill list, and more.  "The minute you think something's happening, something changes and everything is flipped on its head," Nick spills. "I think you'll see very clearly with Boone that he's probably more involved than you thought originally and really in the mix."

Scream Queens, Mommie Dearest


More exclusive teases on what's in store next week:

1. You will find out why Scream Queens is based on the Kappas and why there is a red cape.
2. A Kappa will find Boone.
3. Chanel (Emma Roberts) gets invited to Chad Radwell's (Glen Powell) family compound and we finally get to meet his dream family—including Alan Thicke, Patrick Schwarzenegger and Chad Michael Murray.
4. Chanel and Chad will have a "Compliment Night" that will slay you.

Current theory on the killer:

Boone (Nick Jonas) is working with Earl Grey and/or Chad Radwell. How weird was that Zayday reference? And the way he spoke on the phone, it sure sounded like the way he would talk to a fellow Dickie, no? So…which one of them was the other (boy) baby pictured in the painting of Gigi? My money is on Chad or Boone.

Also, Chanel #5 keeps scratching her earmuffs any time something crazy or revealing happens. Any chance she's letting someone outside the house listen in? Maybe Boone and the Dickies?

Scream Queens, Mommie Dearest


Tonight's other great revelations:

1. Weston (Oliver Hudson) is not telling the truth. No way, no how did he burn down his own house to "hide evidence" of Grace's mother's terribleness. That just does not compute.
2. Dean Munsch is a ninja queen. Fantastic fight scene—following up a perfect re-enactent of Jamie Lee Curtis mother's epic shower scene in Psycho. "I've seen that movie 50 times." Of course you have!
3. Hester/Number Six is looking pretty guilty. Is it possible she's in cahoots with Chad/Boone/Earl? She has the most to gain from Chanel Oberlin going down, since she wants everything she has. Including Chad.

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