Britney Spears' former constant companion and sidekick Alli Sims was out in Beverly Hills today, and she told E! News exclusively that she's still forbidden from talking to the pop star.

"I can't talk to her right now," she said when asked if she was prohibited from talking to Britney by her father, Jamie Spears, and the lawyers. "Maybe that will change at some point."

Sources tell E! News that Britney's dad, who is coconservator of his daughter's affairs, will not allow Alli to have any contact with Britney. Prior to Britney's meltdown earlier this year, Sims, 27, along with Sam Lutfi, was a near-constant companion of the pop star.

Even though she hasn't been able to talk to Spears in some time, Sims still remembered it was Britney's big day.

"I hope she has a great birthday," Sims told E! News. "Happy birthday. I love you."

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