The Definitive Ranking of the Best and Worst Disney Castles to Live In

We break down the real estate from animated classics like The Little Mermaid, Cinderella and more!

By Cameron Steurer Nov 16, 2015 6:44 PMTags

If you say you've never wanted to live in a castle, you're lying. Come on, even Flynn Rider gushes about his dream of one day owning a palace to die for. Naturally our obsession with castles grew directly from our love of all things Disney. Not gonna lie, we may or may not even have a detailed plan for taking over the live replica of Cinderella's castle at Disney World. Said plan could involve multiple forest animals and a handful of dwarves ready to fight by our side, but we're not gonna tell you for sure.

Since we've pretty much staked a permanent claim on that one, we've decided to lay out the best and worst Disney castles to live in. You know, just in case you want one for yourself. Which you totally do.

Here are the 15 most iconic Disney palaces from your cherished childhood films (and beyond), ranked from best to should-be-on-an-episode-of-Flip or Flop:

1. Rapunzel's castle from Tangled

Ever since we saw Tangled, we've dreamed of living in a sunny seaside palace where once a year, a festival with magical floating lanterns takes place. Plus, it seems like the surrounding village is full of kind citizens! We heart those guys. 

2. Prince Eric's castle from The Little Mermaid

Of course, we had to follow up with another beach castle. Prince Eric's castle slides into second because it's not quite as large and stylish as Rapunzel's digs, but it still has one hell of a beach-front vibe.

3. Arendelle castle from Frozen

Another waterfront property, we know. Arendelle takes the spot for third because we imagine the gorgeous summer view is offset by some pretty gnarly northern snow in the winter. But snow comes with its own charms, does it not?

4. The palace from Atlantis

What a surprise, more water! We love the design, but not so much the location. It would probably be more fun to have neighbors.

5. Jasmine's palace from Aladdin

The exotic heat, coupled with the palace's open-air style and its multiple gardens and pools make Jasmine's golden-domed palace practically a second Eden! No beach-front location, though, so we're ranking it fifth. We would rank it higher if it came with a pet tiger, but we doubt Jasmine would Rajah behind.

6. Kuzco's palace from The Emperor's New Groove

It's huge. It's gold. It comes with an expansive wait staff. But it's sitting on top of a not-so-very-climbable mountain. Build us a funicular like the one in The Grand Budapest Hotel and we're sold.

7. Cinderella's palace from Cinderella

Check out that alabaster gleam! It's no wonder this was the castle that inspired a real-life replica at Disney World's Magic Kingdom! However, it takes more than just a claim to fame to impress us house hunters. We like the gleam, but imagine how difficult it would be to get to sleep if the castle glows that much at night.

8. Beast's castle from Beauty and the Beast (after the curse breaks, obvs)

Of course we wouldn't want to move into the run-down mess of a castle at first. But with the curse broken, the golden turrets and majestic walls speak volumes about the beauty hidden inside. The fact that it probably has the biggest library of all the listed real estate is an added bonus.

9. Aurora's castle from Sleeping Beauty

The problem with this one is that we've seen several others that look exactly like it. What makes it so special? It's obviously roomy enough for a large family, and is located on what looks to be some beautiful and fertile land, so those attributes are just enough to keep it steady in eighth place.

10. Snow White's castle from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

It's pretty much your standard castle (yawn), only it's much more precariously perched on a cliff than others. We would not want to live here during an earthquake.

11. Elsa's ice palace from Frozen

While it's certainly one of the most stylish properties listed here, we're of the opinion that any abode placed that far north could really use some central heating and, just maybe, some furniture that's not frozen solid. Just saying.

12. King Triton's palace from The Little Mermaid

Solid gold spires look extremely attractive, and a water-front location appeals to our beachy senses, but this one might just be a bit too much water-front for us. We don't have gills. Commuting would be a real bitch if we lived here.

13. Merida's castle from Brave

It's homely in a cute way, but it also looks like it doesn't really come with the modern conveniences we've grown so accustomed to. Gorgeous location, too, if it weren't for that demon bear problem.

14. Nottingham castle from Robin Hood

With all the money that Prince John has been hoarding from the poor, you'd think that he would've given his royal abode a major overhaul. It's very middle-agey, and we wouldn't be surprised if half of the inhabitants end up contracting the Bubonic Plague sometime soon.

15. Maleficent's tower of terror from Sleeping Beauty

We're really not sure how Maleficent expects to sell her place when it looks eerily like something that belongs in Mordor. If you're really into the evil hermit thing, though, this might just be the place for you. Watch out for the guard dragon. Actually, a guard dragon is pretty badass so maybe we judged this place too soon...