Leah Remini

Charles Sykes/Bravo

Leah Remini continues to open up about her experiences with Scientology in addition to her already published words inside the pages of her tell-all memoir Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology.

Appearing on The Howard Stern Show Tuesday, Remini not only talked about the seduction of her former religion and its celebrity center but also how she got along with famed Scientologists such as John Travolta and Tom Cruise. Having been raised in a poor section of Brooklyn, Remini and her family were quickly taken with the perks that came with Scientology.

"You go to this beautiful building and they bring you lunch and it's on a tray," she explained. "They have beautiful restaurants."

The King of Queens alum became exposed to these luxuries prior to really making it as an actress, which was when she learned that it was only the beginning of the Church's benefits.

"I'm not even in the right part of the celebrity center," she joked, referring to the part that megastars such as Cruise could be found in. "There's another part! I'm still not anybody."

She said she could never compare herself to the Mission: Impossible star's fame, as he truly is a superstar, but when it came to their religion she felt on top. "As Scientologists I felt we were on the same level, if not I felt a little more superior in certain areas," she admitted.

Well versed in the rules and doctrine of Scientology, Remini explained that above all else, she knew the ins and outs of the rules. "I'm a very by-the-book person," she continued. "To me I was superior that way because I know policy.

Even though she left Scientology, Remini admitted that there will always be positive aspects in the religion she spent more than three decades be a part of. Among those is Travolta.

"John is such a sweet man. He really is," she said. "He's a sweetie pie."

She also revealed that the American Crime Story actor is all about the gadgets. "He loves the technology of Scientology," she said. "He loves it. He believes in it."

Despite staying firm in her decision to leave, Remini also admitted that it was hard to face the fact that people like Kirstie Alley would shun her even though she knew and expected it because she was familiar with the rules.

"I understood it because I know the policy, so I understand hiding behind religious bigotry is the route to go," she said. "I know why [Kirstie] thinks she's angry...She will not read the book. Nobody in scientology will read the book."

"They see me as an enemy," she continued.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars spent later, Remini isn't "bitter" about the money she used on her religious studies.

"I gave it from my heart at the time thinking I was helping," she said.

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