Scream Queens, "Beware of Young Girls"

Patti Perret/FOX.

Beware of young girls, indeed.

Tonight's Scream Queens finally revealed who one killer is—Not, of course, The Killer behind all the Kappa murders so far, but we do know who killed Dean Munsch's husband, despite some misleading bologna. 

We also said a fond "oh hey" to Chanel #2, who returned from the grave for a hot, hallucinatory minute to look fabulous and warn Chanel #1 about a nefarious plot against her, led by none other than Chanel #6. 

Let's dig into what we learned and dish out scoop on what comes next…

Tavi Gevinson, Mia Farrow

FOX; Terry O'Neill/Getty Images


Dean Munsch Killed Her Husband. And poor Feather McCarthy (guest star Tavi Gevinson) has been framed and locked up, thanks to the always horrifying "police work" of the world's dumbest cop. What was truly fascinating about this storyline, though? The real-life parallels behind that chilling song you heard at the end, "Beware of Young Girls." It was written in 1970 by songwriter Dory Previn, who, true story: discovered in 1969 that her husband Andre was having an affair with a 23-year-old by the name of Mia Farrow. The young actress was pregnant with twin boys, and ended up marrying Andre after he separated from Dory. (This was between Mia's marriages to Frank Sinatra and Woody Allen—the latter ending, of course, when Woody fell in love with their young, adopted daughter.) Upon learning that her husband was in love with someone else, Dory suffered a breakdown, entered a psychiatric hospital where she endured electroconvulsive therapy, and wrote the song, "Beware of Young Girls," which played at the end of tonight's episode. Haunting and chilling.

Mia and Feather (Tavi), of course, bare an uncanny resemblance, with their blonde, short pixie cuts, making the casting of Tavi (a famous fashion blogger) both perfect and poetic. 

We also can safely assume by the way in which she dismembered her husband (the head in the fish tank perhaps a fun nod to Jamie Lee's A Fish Called Wanda) that Dean Munsch is not one of the good guys. Right?

Scream Queens


Zayday and Grace Are Prime Suspects. At least, according to the Chanels as of the end of this episode. Their rationale, that the murders started happening when Zayday and Grace arrived is fairly solid (We're still convinced Grace's dad Wes had something to do with it), but their notion that they're killing off Chanels because they want to steal their "super hot boyfriends" makes no sense whatsoever. Two of those "hot" boyfriends are dead, and Grace and Zayday of course seem totally skeeved out by all the Dicky Dollars. 

Ariana Grande Can Speak! Quite a lot of meaty dialogue in that "fever dream" scene, dontcha think? Which way did you prefer your Number Two? Silent and hilariously dumb or vocal and hilariously dumb?

Chad Radwell Is Lactose Intolerant. The most shocking reveal of the night? Of course. After all, it only affects "like 50 percent of the population who can't even eat a little Baskin Robins without getting super farty." Glen Powell remains a national treasure and better not ever get killed off.

Scream Queens, "Beware of Young Girls"

Patti Perret/FOX.


Wes Will Start Looking More and More Suspicious. Though the Kappas have turned on themselves, they'll once again start looking outside the house for murder suspects, and Grace's dad Wes (Oliver Hudson). Why is he the clinger-on that just won't quit, following his little girl to the school, and insisting she leave? It will all come to light.

Chad Radwell Is Cheating. Despite his ridiculous notions of staying monogamous, Chanel still has PLENTY to worry about, from someone right under her nose.

Thanksgiving Is Coming. And the body count will rise! This time, the person who dies is actually a full-fledged cast member. Guesses?

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