Jimmy Fallon has an impressive résumé, having worked with greats such as Sandra Bullock in a short-lived series and Bryan Cranston in a '90s soap opera.

The Breaking Bad star stopped by The Tonight Show Monday where he and the host reminisced about their time together on their three-episode series, Suspended Suspense. Although it was only on the air for a brief time, the two stars made their mark in the show that had them act out all of their scenes in midair.

"I think the show was ahead of its time because it got canceled after only three episodes," Cranston explained.

"It's funny," Fallon added. "You swing and miss sometimes."

When it comes to Fallon's past projects, the Saturday Night Live alum always chalks up the oddities to either the director or his oddball co-stars. When it came to working with Bullock on Jacob's Patience, Fallon claimed her refusal to use her own arms made her "difficult to work with." But on Suspended Suspense, the director turned out to be the problem.

Bryan Cranston, Jimmy Fallon


"The director was a neat freak," Cranston explained. "He didn't want any shoes scuffing up the floor."

Hence why both stars, who played brothers Garrison and Jameson fighting over their father's will, had to act while suspended in midair. Fallon "aired" the three episodes again so viewers could see the dramatic soap opera, and it turned out to be as goofy as you'd imagine.

Whether they were trying to get to each other from across the room or they simply had to place things on the floor, both Cranston and Fallon struggled to do the simplest of tasks. What resulted was each of them awkwardly grabbing each other's butts, faces and other body parts while they decide who will receive their father's billions, which he earned as a street performer.

Watch the video to see Fallon and Cranston fly through their '90s soap.

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