Brooks Ayers Says He Never Told Vicki Gunvalson He Was Dying of Cancer: "She Sensationalizes Things"

Real Housewives of Orange County star responds to several allegations made in the season

By Melanie Bromley, Mike Vulpo Nov 03, 2015 11:30 AMTags
Watch: Brooks Ayers Clears Up Dying Rumors

Brooks Ayers continues to clarify comments made from his ex-girlfriend Vicki Gunvalson.

In part two of our exclusive interview with the Real Housewives of Orange County star, the severity of Ayers' cancer battle is brought up after viewers were told from Gunvalson that he could die from his condition.

"The idea that Vicki would tell her daughter and best friends that you were dying of something, how do you explain that?" E! News' Melanie Bromley asked.

"I can't. I'm not responsible for what Vicki communicates to people," Ayers shared. "Again, I have the e-mails from Vicki clarifying that as well where she says she absolutely misspoke…She sensationalizes things from time to time."

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After further questioning, Ayers began to shed more light into Gunvalson's possible mindset, especially when filming the three-part reunion show that finished airing this past weekend.

"I never told her that, absolutely not," he explained. "She gets backed into a corner, she says one thing and then when she's with the other person…She just did it with me at the reunion. She said I believe he doesn't have cancer."

During part one of our interview Monday, Ayers insisted that Gunvalson texted him earlier in the day and explained that she still believes his cancer condition.


While Ayers' health was a big topic of discussion, Gunvalson's daughter also dropped several allegations against her mom's ex that had fans shaking their heads.

From the discussion of "Girth Brooks" to whether or not he hit on Briana Culberson while she was pregnant, Ayers is ready to clear the air Tuesday night on E! News

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