Guinness Beer

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Sorry, fish bladder lovers. You won't find that in your Guinness beer, anymore! 

Before you ask us if we're feeling OK because we seem to be spouting nonsense, you should know that Guinness just announced it was doing away with using fish bladders in its brewing process. Still confused? Stay with us.

Starting in 2016, Guinness will be fully vegan friendly for the first time since they started brewing beer 256 years ago. Guinness, like many other brewers, use isinglass, a by-product of the fishing industry that is used to make yeast settle faster. While it seems gross, this process is actually not uncommon at all for beer and wine makers.

Unfortunately, traces of fish still ended up in the final product, so Guinness drinkers were unknowingly ingesting small amounts of isinglass. Not a big deal, unless you're vegan. There was even an online petition asking Guinness to get rid of that type of filter so they could become vegetarian and vegan friendly.


Guinness Beer

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Now, the company will be phasing out isinglass starting next year so now their famous stout will be officially a vegan drink.

"Whilst isinglass is a very effective means of clarification, and has been used for many years, we expect to stop using it as the new filtration asset is introduced," a Guinness spokesman told The Times. "We are conscious that its use may represent a barrier to consumption of our products to some. As part of our ongoing efforts to further improve the way we make our products, we are seeking alternatives to isinglass."

Cheers, vegans! Time to drink up.

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