Rachel Dolezal

The Real

Rachel Dolezal may have just made her most startling admission yet.

The former NAACP chapter president, who really got a conversation going this summer (to put it mildly) about self-identification and cultural appropriation, acknowledged during a sit-down on The Real that she was, in fact, born to white parents.

The admission came after co-host Jeannie Mai broke it down for Dolezal, explaining why people were having trouble with her self-proclaimed black identity. Audience members applauded Dolezal, some even giving her a standing ovation.

It appears, in the clip posted by Jezebel, the hosts also seemed appreciative of Dolezal coming to terms with her family tree. 

Realizing her truth took some time for Dolezal, who had previously claimed there was "no biological proof" that she was born to the parents who raised her. But despite this particular revelation, it doesn't appear she has plans to do anything differently moving forward when it comes to her preferred cultural identity. 

Not for other people's want of trying, however. Here are four more memorable interview moments during which it was insisted to Dolezal that she is a white person:

That moment when you tell Today's Matt Lauer that you "identify as black."

The interview that started it all.

Here she tells MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry that she felt a spiritual connection with black culture.

Luckily we also have Maya Rudolph's mock interview as Rachel Dolezal on Late Night With Seth Meyers. No words necessary, just more applause.

What do you think about Rachel Dolezal's latest interview? Sound off in the comments! 

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