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Oh hey, Papa Pope!

Olivia's dear old dad is back from prison, because he clearly can't be contained by walls and bars like a normal man.

First, he tried to get Olivia to break him out of prison to make Fitz's impeachment trial disappear, but that was low on a pretty terrible list of potential fixes for that problem. Fix number one, at least in the eyes of Fitz and Cyrus, involved Olitz tying the knot. Fitz was down, and even proposed in a bedroom filled with rose petals, but Olivia declined. She's not ready for marriage, and according to him, she never will be.

Mellie, meanwhile, is angry about her entire situation and she certainly pulled out a few excellent speeches tonight, damning both Olivia and Fitz for how they've ruined her life, especially after she found herself having to drop an "I don't recall" when asked on trial about paying Jeanine Locke to lie about having an affair with the president.

Right as Liv had changed her mind and was about to marry Fitz as a sort of last resort, Rowan managed to blackmail the senate committee into dropping the investigation, and Mellie also had a bit of a change of heart. Instead of letting Olivia ruin her life, she's going to force her to make her President of the United States.

Finally, we also learned that Jake's wife Elise was in town to kill Rowan, but she didn't get very far. She ended the night with a bullet in her back. So much for reuniting with Jake and cheering him up 

How to Get Away with Murder


There's seriously so much to unpack from that episode that we hardly even know where to begin, so here's a quick rundown:

−Nate's wife was the night's big casualty, and he was the one who finally gave her the pills. Now, he wants nothing to do with Wes, Annalise, or Annalise's vaguely well-intentioned cobbler.

−Asher was somehow involved in a gang rape, and all we can hope is that it was not directly and that poor Tiffany is doing OK now.

Viola Davis, How to Get Away With Murder


−It appears that the siblings are innocent and the murder was actually committed by their secret cousin Phillip, who was given up for adoption by their racist aunt. Oliver hacked into his laptop, and he and Connor openly discussed their theories while Phillip watched through the webcam.

−Annalise and Wes still have something creepy going on, and she decided to bring up his mother's suicide to explain why he can't seem to trust anyone (especially women). Wes threw it back in Annalise's face that she has never done anything like what his mother did for him by giving up her life to get him to the US, and we just kept waiting for Annalise to be all "wrong, because I am your mother!" She didn't end up saying that, but there's always next week.

−Meanwhile, Frank introduced Laurel to his family and Rebecca's body to the ground, while Laurel secretly did a little post-coital investigating into Frank's pants (and other belongings).

−In the flash-forward, Annalise was wheeled into the hospital while Frank ran in after her, begging the doctors to not let her die, right before walking calmly out of the hospital to his car and the possibly dead Catherine in the backseat. He left her in the woods to later be found by police, right before she suddenly woke up.

What do you think? Did Annalise and Wes's conversation feel oddly on the nose to you? How dark is Asher going to get? Why did Frank carry Catherine into the woods? How worried do you think we should be for Coliver if Phillip is indeed the murderer? Sound off in the comments! 

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