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Happy National Cat Day! True, to our feline overlords, every single day is National Cat Day. It's their world, we're just worshipping them in it.

It's truly a gift that National Cat Day falls so close to Halloween, because most people are sharing photos of their cats in costume on Instagram to celebrate the holiday. And that means shot after shot after shot of a cat clearly plotting the demise of their owner for being forced into a dinosaur costume. How can such an angry face bring us so much joy? That's one of the great mysteries of loving cats.

So to honor National Cat Day, we hunted down some of the best photos that feature a kitty outwardly loathing everything about their Halloween costume. Enjoy!

"Better start planning your goodbyes."

"What is happening here?"

"You can start running now."

"This is actually the worst thing that's ever happened to me."

A photo posted by kelseybugzz (@kelseybugzz) on

"Do you find this funny?"

"Yes, I know I look adorable but that's not the point, Sharon!"

"So. Much. Rage."

A photo posted by joypalm (@joypalm) on

"Please stop."

A photo posted by Kata (@katorade21) on

"I actually wish I was a giant dinosaur so I could step on you right now."

"Well, this is a nightmare."

"I will play along right now, but just wait until you fall asleep."

A photo posted by Gayle Anne (@havanagah) on

"It's fitting that you put me in a devil costume, because I hope you burn in hell for this."

A photo posted by Sarah Ann (@sarah_ann1987) on


A photo posted by JR?? (@jennricewrites) on

"I hope my withering stare cuts you deep."

A photo posted by @texasfurbabies on

"I can't even look at you right now, Judy."

"Please take this off immediately."

A photo posted by Nicole (@naacoles) on

"You're dead to me."


"This is not appropriate cat-owner behavior."


"I can't wait to destroy you, emotionally and physically."

"That's fine if you record me in this costume. That means you won't notice when I go for your jugular."

A photo posted by Coby The Cat (@cobythecat) on

"Just waiting for the sweet release of death to rescue me from this misery."

A photo posted by Tootsie?? (@tootsiebooo) on

"I hate this. And you. So much."

A photo posted by Sara Wade-Smith (@the_swade) on

"I will never forgive you for this."

A photo posted by Chelsea (@chelseats303) on

"I loathe you, human."

A photo posted by April Davis (@appledavey) on

"I hope this Instagram photo was worth it. Because your days are now numbered."

A photo posted by Èdith Piaf ( on

"Your death will be swift, but painful."

A photo posted by Marisa (@marisasilva193) on


Oh, sure. They'll stare us down like they are plotting our bloody murder, but deep, deep, deep down...they still hate us for putting them in costumes. But deep, deep, deep, deep down...they love us.

Happy National Cat Day! Remember: adopt, don't shop!

Want to adopt a cat of your own? Go to to find a shelter near you!

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