Aw, cute, a children's movie about schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder—wait, what?!

That's the argument offered by our favorite Screen Junkies, who take blockbuster films and create honest trailers to let the world know what the movie's really about. And their latest is all about Inside & Out.

It's no secret that Pixar is famous for making films that tug at our heart (11 minutes into Up! and you're done for), but their most-recent release starred just that—emotions—"in a film that teaches kids they aren't responsible for their actions. It's just tiny people in their heads pushing their brain buttons."

The trailer adds, "You know? There's a word for that—schizophrenia."

Inside Out

The movie is set in "apparently the worst place in the world," San Francisco, and tells the story of Riley, whose joy and sadness emotions fight over her memories and therefore, cause the young girl to feel emotional extremes. "There's a word for that, too. Bi-polar."

At some point, the five emotions featured start to experience something other than their native emotion, "which makes you wonder how emotions can have emotions on top of the emotions that they literally are." Did you get all that?

And as the trailer so astutely points out, "One thing's for sure. Kids will have no idea what the heck is going on," and mentions that if this were about a guy's brain, "it would be a porno."

LOL! Watch the hilarious clip above and see if you can look at the film the same way again.

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