Check Out These Disturbingly Hot Realistic Renditions of Your Favorite Disney Villains

Artist Jirka Väätäinen created six pieces for for Oh My Disney

By Dominique Haikel Oct 29, 2015 12:17 AMTags
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Holy Halloween candy!

Artist Jirka Väätäinen did a killer job (pun intended) when he created these realistic renditions of famous Disney villains. If you recall, this is the same artist who brought you the epic life-like versions of our favorite Disney princesses and uncomfortably sexy re-imaginations of Disney princes. Now he's back in time for Halloween with his take on your childhood's most iconic villains. 

Created for Oh My Disney, the artist added these six scary-real pieces to his already stunning lineup of artfully done characters.

Ever wonder what Gaston would look like if you came across him on Tinder? Would you be able to recognize Ursula at Trader Joe's? Find out for yourself as you peruse through some of the coolest art you've seen in a while. Seriously, can anyone explain to us why Captain Hook mildly looks like our uncle? 

For more Disney madness be sure to check out the artist's website. While you're there, can someone buy us his hunky rendition of Prince Eric? Damn.

Ursula, honey! We are feeling that fresh red mani on your life-like nails! We're also loving the fact that you have actual teeth now rather than two white bars drawn inside your mouth. Are those veneers, girl? DM us your dentist.

Anyone else think she'd make her Little Mermaid cast mates proud with her new and improved look? 

Yes, Gaston is a total corn-cob but does anyone else think he's pretty freaking hot in this IRL depiction? It might just be because we're partial to aggressive chest hair but come on, he is Hulking out in that shirt, and you know it.

Is this Beauty and the Beast villain still trying to get with Belle? If not, we're free after work. 

Hades from Hercules looks like we all did in middle school. Remember when it was cool to steal packs of Kool-Aid from the mini-mart and dye your hair with them? Yeah, sorry, moms everywhere. We totally get now why you fought us on that one. 

Captain Hook still looks super-evil but... nice hair. Maybe ditch the mustache and let your inner Alice Cooper out! (Team Peter Pan, FTW!)

Sure Maleficent was a mega-baddie in Sleeping Beauty but can we all just agree that she looks flyer than fly in this artistic redo? The brows, the cheekbones, the jawline! We're swooning. Also, those new life-like horns have got to be couture, right? 

Everybody knows the Evil Queen from Snow White was a total butt-head. We can, however, celebrate her updated makeup look and epic berry-toned lip color, amiright ladies!? 

What do you think of these Disney Villain makeovers? Let us know your faves in the comments!

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