Tom Flynn, Jeopardy contestant


Half the Internet was thirsty for this Jeopardy! contestant. The other half wondered why he acted like he was auditioning for the lead role in Zoolander 2 for the entire episode. Whichever side of the line you stand on, it's safe to say that everyone was super into Tom.

Tom Flynn was on Monday night's Jeopardy! episode, and he was really, really ridiculously good-looking. So good-looking that he apparently kept spotting his own reflection in the lens of the camera because he could not stop modeling the different contours of his face for the audience at home. Jawline here, side profile there, some pursed lips…he was Top Model-ing all over that studio.

Not only was he constantly mugging for the camera Zoolander style, but Tom also had one of the sassiest Final Jeopardy answers of all time:

When you don't know the answer to the final question, a lot of people leave it blank or just give it their best guess. Not this guy. Not Tom. He answered with a simple and poetic "What?"

Basically, the Jeopardy! equivalent of "U MAD BRO?"

When he wasn't plotting his mic drop of a Final Jeopardy answer during the episode, the New York City bartender, who said he has dreams of directing one day, was clearly trying to impregnate audience members at home with his blue steel stare.

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"Zoolander" might be a very appropriate nickname because he didn't do so great on the episode, and the Internet swiftly labeled him as hot, but kind of dumb. Now that's kind of an unfair verdict to give just based on a game show performance, but if he starts a gasoline fight in the next couple days, well…we'll have our answer. 

Tom finished in last place on Monday's episode, but he definitely finished first place in our hearts.

Tom Flynn, Jeopardy contestant


We're currently workshopping the script for Zoolander 3: The Revenge of Tom, so stay tuned.

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