Sam & Nia Rader Announce They're Expecting Another Baby as Vlogging Hiatus Ends

Parents of two announced Nia was pregnant over the summer but three days later said she had suffered a miscarriage

By Natalie Finn Oct 25, 2015 1:41 AMTags
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Sam and Nia Rader's vlogging break is over.

The couple who ended up at the center of controversy this summer, prompting them to put their family-themed YouTube videos on hiatus, returned to vlogging this week—and yesterday the Raders announced they were expecting another baby.

In the video, Sam and Nia ask their respective moms to check the oven at separate times, and when the ladies open the door, all they see is a single bun in the oven.

"Another bun?" one grandma questions hopefully, only to mock-collapse in joy when they confirm her suspicions are correct.


"We feel beyond blessed that God has given us another baby so soon after suffering a miscarriage. I think our moms were just as thankful," the couple captioned their latest video.

"Sam & Nia" already had a following but the parents of two went particularly viral when they announced that Nia was pregnant in cute fashion in early August, only to post another video three days later in which they said they had suffered a miscarriage.

Sam's announcement soon after that he would be quitting his job to vlog full-time, as well as various other tweets and aspects of their behavior, prompted theories (that also went viral) that they had invented the entire pregnancy in the first place.

To add insult to injury, Sam's name turned up in the Ashley Madison hack, a blow to his online persona as a religious, God-abiding family man.

He admitted to having an account but insisted he never actually had an affair. They then announced on Aug. 25 that they were taking a little break from vlogging amid the backlash from the Ashley Madison scandal and the couple having been kicked out of a vloggers' conference because Sam allegedly threated fellow conference goers (he denied making threats but admitted to confronting two others who had made cracks about his family).

But Sam and Nia appear to have ridden out the crisis.

"How you live your days is how you live your lives. New vlog is up! THE PREGO SURPRISES CONTINUE.." reads the latest post on Sam & Nia's Twitter account, a link to another video in which they share the news with more friends and family.