Steven Yeun, The Walking Dead


What. The heck. Just happened?!

Seriously, did we just see what we think we saw? Is that the end of Glenn? Excuse us while we hyperventilate for a minute.

Practically since the night The Walking Dead premiered on AMC, fans have been dreading the moment when the fan-favorite character (played by Steven Yeun) might meet a fate similar to the one in the comic books. (SPOILER ALERT: Glenn is murdered by the villainous Negan in the show's source material.) But did it really just happen like that? Being blown off a dumpster by a suicidal Nicholas into a horde of walkers? Say it ain't so!

Just three episodes in, season six of the AMC zombiefest has wasted no time reminding us this is literally the most brutal series on television with last week's horrific attack on the Alexandria settlement, and now it's also reinforced just how bleak it is, as well. Picking up in the aftermath of Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the gang's failed attempt to lure that massive walker herd 20 miles away from home base, the episode wastes no time in putting everyone through utter hell.

Nearly every random Alexandrian with the group finds themselves dead at the end of the hour, Michonne (Danai Gurira) was reminded just how futile it is to try and save people in this world, and Rick's left in a broken-down RV with a nasty wound on his hand and the entire walker herd closing in on all sides. (Was Lincoln actually telling the truth when he joked to E! News that Rick would lose his hand this season?!) But all of that was nothing compared to what Glenn went through.

After spending the entire episode trying to remind Nicholas (Michael Traynor) he can redeem himself from his abhorrent, cowardly actions last season by stepping up and doing some good, he's rewarded by getting trapped on that dumpster with way too many walkers to fight through on the ground and an increasingly unstable companion by his side. (Seriously, TWD, if your goal is to remind us that there is no hope, message received loud and clear.) And then it happens.

Nicholas, losing his ever-loving mind, decides there's only one way out, says "Thank you" to Glenn, and shoots himself in the head. Of course, the force of the gunshot throws his body into Glenn, knocking him off the trash bin and onto the ground, right in the midst of the zombies just waiting to get themselves some flesh. But is it Glenn's bits that get devoured? We watch as the walkers rip out intestines, but the way the scene is filmed never makes it completely clear if it's him or the dead body that's presumably on top of him that's become a buffet line.

And let's get real: If it's not Glenn who was being eaten immediately, is there much hope for him to somehow survive that? We're crossing all our fingers and toes, but the honest truth is that it doesn't look good. It doesn't look good at all. Next week can't get here soon enough!

What did you think of the episode? Is Glenn dead or are you holding on to hope that he finds a way to survive? Sound off in the comments below!

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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